7 things I learned from moving across the country.


When I was 25, I took a 6-month trip through Europe and India, came back to my gorgeous coastal hometown of Dunsborough (Western Australia) for 6 weeks, then moved across the country to Sydney.

I’ve been here for three and a half years now, and travelling then moving by myself, has taught me a thing or two!

Here are 7 things I learned from moving across the country, straight after travelling the world:

  1. Being single is AWESOME! I’m happily in a relationship now, but those few years where I spent a lot of time in solitude, and was brave enough to embark on adventures by myself, were ones that I will never forget. They shaped who I was, and I am so grateful that I embraced my singleness, and just went for it. When we find ourselves alone, it’s always an opportunity to become our own best friend. If I were to be single again, I know I’d be ok, because I’ve learnt to actually love my own company!
  2. You can’t escape your lessons. I’ve always had problems with saying no, putting up boundaries, and being truly authentic. When I traveled and then relocated, I thought, ‘Great! I’ll just get to be who I actually am’. What actually happened, was that I came upon scenario after scenario where life forced me to step up and say no, set boundaries, and be my authentic self. You cannot escape the things you need to learn (and this is a great gift).
  3. Everything is always ok. I’ve had some hairy moments. Emotionally, financially, on trains in India, losing baggage, in study, relationships, and starting a business in a city where I really didn’t know many people. Plus SO many more. And yet, I have always been ok. Life is supporting you, always. Look for the signs, look for the help.
  4. You are home wherever YOU are. I feel like I have heartstrings being tugged in ALL different directions, not just back to Western Australia. By now, I have people all over the world who I love. I don’t know where life is taking me (really, none of us do!), but I do know that I will always be physically absent from a large amount of people that I adore, whether I’m in Perth, Sydney, India, Bali … wherever! Home is where I am. This was a tough one to come to grips with. Trust that wherever you are in the world, you are meant to be there (for now).
  5. Rituals are everything. My rituals keep me connected to myself, no matter what chaos is going on around me. For me, yoga is my #1 ritual, along with kinesiology, oracle cards and journalling. I can do all of these things wherever I am in the world, and they keep me connected to MYSELF, so that I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Because when we lose sight of the bigger picture, we often fail to understand that we are where we are, for a reason – and that it’s all perfect, that there’s a higher order.
  6. There are always like-minded people available to meet – and you’ll attract them if you’re open to it. The synchronicitities I’ve experienced with meeting like-minded people are insane. I love it. If you’re looking, you’ll ALWAYS be able to find someone that resonates with you.
  7. Life is short, do what calls to you. I’m so glad I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone so many times in my life, even when it felt so difficult. Life is SHORT, my loves! You must, must, must, do the things that simultaneously frighten you to death, and excite you beyond belief.

I’m grateful for the adventures that I’ve had in my 29 years on the planet, and hope there are many, many more to come.

Of course, none of us know what tomorrow will bring, so if you know there’s something you need to put into motion in your life, I implore you – get cracking, today!!

Love and light,


Beth x



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