Are your actions in alignment with what you want?

Beth Bridges

Most of us want ‘more’ of something.

And for women, the ‘more’ that we desire, often stems from the ‘lack’ of self-care and nourishment that we already have in our lives.

Women, I believe, are craving: more time, more peace, more sleep, more rest, more vitality, more solitude.

More opportunities to do ‘not much’, to recuperate, to reconnect.

More chances to say ‘no’ to others, and ‘yes’ to themselves.

The problem is, our actions are so often NOT in alignment with what we want. 

We want to rest, yet we fill our calendars to the brim.

We want to sleep, yet we force ourselves to stay up late or get up early for a strenuous workout, that leaves us feeling more depleted than energised.

We want more time (to ourselves), and yet we continue to say ‘yes’ when our entire being is screaming ‘no’.

We want greater vitality, yet we choose to start the day with coffee and end it with wine, a little too often.

So often, we make choices that keep us stuck in the same old patterns.

This is because we’re stuck in survival mode. We’re literally surviving our days, weeks, months, and doing whatever we can to get through.

Getting out of survival mode, and creating the health and life you really want, requires upgrading your choices.

And when you upgrade your choices, so that they’re in alignment with what you want, you end up upgrading your life.

When you do this, you clearly communicate to yourself, to others, and to the universe, that you are worthy of feeling great. Worthy of having the life that truly fulfils you.

There is no other way to change the quality of your health and your life, other than to consciously choose something different.

To align your actions with what it is you say you want.

This isn’t actually hard to do – but it does require a willingness to declare more for yourself, to risk saying ‘no’, to accept that not everyone will agree with your choices.

The initial discomfort of doing so is worth it, once you start to see your life completely shifting.

As we all know: our days are numbered.

So, do you believe you deserve great things in your life? Then declare it, and go get them.

With love,


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach /


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