Consciously creating your life.


Life is a constant act of creation, whether we are aware of it or not. 

Every day, our choices and perceptions are creating our experiences.

We can either do this consciously, or unconsciously.

We can allow our lives to be guided and governed by societal expectations, by trends towards the ‘norm’ – whatever that is – and by what other people expect of us.

Or, we can choose for ourselves. 

So many people do not take the time to consciously craft their lives, unaware that their destiny can be shaped by THEM. That they can do it their way. That they are allowed to want something different, to someone else.

I used to live like this, and while I was ‘fine’ on the outside, I was internally anxious, unexplainably sad, and at a loss to why I couldn’t shake a heavy feeling of: there must be something more. 

Little did I know, there was more!

There was MUCH more in store for me, than I ever could have thought possible at that point in time.

It took a series of amazing teachers and mentors to get me there, some of whom I still work with to this day. It took a lot of courage, and risk, and bravery, to start to consciously crafting life in a way that was authentic to me. It was, at times, impossibly hard – and still is.

But the pain I encounter living life on my own terms? It’s FAR LESS, than the pain I used to encounter when I knew, deep down in the depths of my entire being, that the life I was living and the person I was being, weren’t real and true to who I really am.

Living consciously is always, always, always worth whatever it takes. 

And the thing is – living consciously doesn’t mean trying to do anything other than what lights up your soul, what floats your boat. It means nothing other than allowing each choice in your life, to be governed by your own intuition, rather than someone else’s dictation.

Life is fleeting. It’s passing by quickly. It’s not hanging around waiting for you to make the most of it.

Which is why you must make the most of it, now.

A series of conscious choices, each day, is what makes up a conscious, fulfilling life. A life which, if and when it flashes before your eyes, will allow you to rest easy in the knowing that you became who you were meant to be. 

And deep down, you know who that is.

So honour yourself, and the gift that your life is. Give yourself permission, to be truly you. After all, what other purpose could there be for your life, other than to express YOURSELF in all your amazing entirety?



Beth x


Naturopath | Women’s Coach


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