Don’t let people ‘should’ you, and always choose for yourself.

Beth Bridges

People are always (always!) going to have opinions about what you do with your life. 

Things people have been opinionated about in my own life recently include: how I run my business, how much rent I pay, that I bought a dog, how I structure my days, how much I spend to buy organic food … and the list goes on.

Much of the time, opinions and ‘shoulds’ are well-meaning. 

You should do this. 

You should have done that. 

Oftentimes, other people genuinely think that they know what’s best for you.

Except … they don’t. 

YOU know what’s best for you. Always.

The only reason that we struggle in making choices sometimes – ignoring our intuition – is because we’ve been infiltrated with ‘shoulds’ our entire lives. It’s hard to break free of this, especially when your life doesn’t seem to be following that of the majority.

While it can be a challenge to live life on your own terms, it’s very worth it.

I was completely burnt out for many years, trying to keep up with all those ‘shoulds’. Now that I’m past that, the pain of being seen as ‘different’, no longer bothers me. I can safely say that every day of my life now, reflects MY choices for MYSELF. Not someone else’s choices for me.

It’s your divine right to BE yourself, and CHOOSE for yourself. Will you make the most of it?? 

Massive love, 


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Coach /


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