Melbourne Women’s Wellness Workshop.


Ladies of Melbourne …

Autumn has well and truly settled in, and it’s time to nourish, nurture, restore and rejuvenate.

As we prepare to descend into the darkness of winter, NOW is the perfect time to start to truly look after yourself – after the busyness of the summer months.

If you know that your body, mind and soul are desperately calling for you to slow down, tune in, and give yourself some of the love that you so readily extend to others … then come and join us for an afternoon of Women’s Wellness and Yin Yoga!

This workshop includes:

// Interactive chats with Naturopath Beth Bridges, about all things women’s wellness: hormones, pms, the pill, stress, adrenal fatigue, slowing down to save your hormones, and MORE.

// A truly restorative Yin Yoga session led by Bianca Donateo, focussed upon soothing stress, nourishing the nervous system, and bringing hormones back into balance.

// Delicious wholefood treats and tea at the conclusion of the workshop, along with the chance to mingle with Beth, Bianca, and other guests.

// A goodie bag for you to take home.

Date: Sunday, 21st May 1pm – 4pm
Location: Bikram Yoga Richmond, 1/179 Bridge Street, Richmond
Your investment: $45 AUD

To book tickets or to find out more, email me!

We would LOVE to see you there – and to hold space for you to learn, ask questions, rest, relax, and go within.

Come and join us, lovely ladies!


Beth x


Women's Wellness




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