You already know what to do.


It used to drive me nuts when I’d be trying to make a difficult decision, and someone would say to me, ‘you already know what to do’.

And now, I’m the one that often says that very thing to other people!

(I’m sorry if that drives you nuts, like it used to for me!).

The thing is, I used to rely on all sorts of external validation around MY choices.

I’d ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about decisions, putting them off until I’d talked to ‘X’ number of people about them. At times, I’ve even begged people to make choices for me!

The most potent memory of putting off a difficult decision that I have, was many years ago, when I absolutely knew I had to break up with my long-term ex-boyfriend. I seriously didn’t want to have to make that call, so I used to literally pray that HE would break up with ME!

But alas, I eventually had to go through with it. At the time, it was the hardest choice I’ve ever had to make.

Since then, I’ve made many more life-altering choices.

And each time I do, I rely less and less on other people’s opinions, and more and more on MY inner guidance.

Of course – it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing, to have people in your life that can support you in making difficult choices. Please don’t get me wrong!

But, I’ve found that the less I look to the outside world for validation or advice, the more I am forced to rely on my own intuition. Truly – I now know, without a doubt, that I DO always know what to do. Innately.

And the more I put this into practice? The more clarity and ease I have in my life. And, the more ‘on track’ I feel.

True, lasting fulfilment comes from following your inner guidance, to create the life that YOU would love to live.

Other people often have amazing intentions for us – but they don’t always know our deepest and most authentic desires. Only WE know that, about ourselves.

Of course, I still doubt myself and my intuition sometimes.

I might obsess over a decision, get really confused and overwhelmed, and have a meltdown (!). At these times, I just drop it. Too much mental chatter and obsession, leaves little room for intuitive guidance.

Then, in time, (and with space), clarity returns, and I’m able to make a clear-headed decision, from a place of confidence.

Is there a tough decision you’re obsessing over at the moment?

Are you feeling conflicted about the next step in a certain aspect of your life? If you feel like you can’t tune into that innate knowing around ‘what to do’, just leave it. Give yourself the weekend off from thinking about it. Have some ‘you’ time.

You do know what to do, and the answers will be coming, as soon as you create the space for them. I promise!

I wrote another post about creating space around worry – so that those persistent mental thoughts don’t fill our days with anxiety, and our bodies with a constant cascade of stress hormones …

And I also wrote about taking that leap of faith – you know – doing that thing you are ENTIRELY scared to do, and trusting that the ‘how’ is going to unfold clearly before you, in perfect timing. (Which, it will – if you have faith and patience).

Both of these topics are totally relevant to the stress that comes with making big (or little!) decisions.

Life is, essentially, a never-ending series of choices.

TRUST yourself – it’s the best way to make the right ones.

With LOVE, 


Beth x


FYI: the oracle card featured in the image above is from the beautiful ‘Trust Your Vibes’ deck, by Sonia Choquette.



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