11 things I deeply believe about life.

As a human being (or rather, a soul) having temporary experience here on planet Earth, I’m reluctant to say that I’m ‘certain’ about ANYTHING.

But, there are things I truly do believe with every part of my being. I’m not saying that anyone else should believe them … but, in my life experience, here is what I’ve found to be really very true for me …

 1. Abundance is ever-present, and actually can’t NOT be present.

I used to think abundance was just money. But now I believe that money is just ONE physical manifestation of abundance. Abundance, to me, is an energy – one that I can tap into and align with at ANY moment in time. All I have to do is look around me to see abundance EVERYWHERE. It’s not because I’m ‘rich’ in the bank (which is simply an imaginary digital number in an app, when you really think about it). It’s because it truly is just … everywhere. I can’t NOT see abundance, all day every day. When I started to look at life through these ‘abundance glasses’, my whole experience changed. I went from living in lack, to living in constant abundance. Abundance is a perspective. Choose this perspective, and you, too, can shift into living in with a far greater sense of abundance in your everyday life.

2. What you focus your attention on, is what you get more of. 

I apply this to everything. I consistently notice that what I focus my attention on, I get more of. Because of this, when I notice my attention going towards something unwanted, I’m quite careful to do whatever I need to do to shift my awareness onto something that serves me. This doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge darkness or tricky emotions. It’s just that I let it pass through, then I move forward in the direction of what I want. It takes a huge amount of awareness to live in this way. You have to constantly catch yourself letting your attention spiral into fear, or lack, or negativity. Once you start to do the tricky work of getting very present with this, you can begin to make change. It has taken me YEARS to become any good at this! It’s been well worth the journey. This is inner work. And inner work is, I believe, what actually changes your outer world.

3. If you stay true to your soul path, you will always call in what you need. 

In this world where we are conditioned from the day we are born to live / act / believe in certain ways, it can be a HARD journey to break away and start to live according to the wise guidance and direction of your own soul. It can bring up many fears – such as, will I be supported? Will people still love me? Will I still be accepted by my family and friends? And many more. What I have found to be true, is that the more I become who I really am, at a soul level, the more I call in the people / situations / circumstances / opportunities that are deeply resonant for me and my journey. It’s worth facing your fears. Follow your soul, and you will manifest what you need for your journey.

4. Your soul family cannot find you unless you are being truly authentic. 

How can you expect the people who deeply resonate with you at a heart / soul level to find you … if you are not being truly authentic? Enough said. Be brave enough to be truly you. Your soul community is absolutely waiting for you to do that. Only when you are resonating in energetic harmony with your soul family, can you call them in. BE YOU. And your people will find you. You do not need to worry about the ‘how’. You will be guided from within to take the correct again to cross paths with these people. It’s all taken care of … just be you. 

5. Surrender is the key to peace. 

When we cling to wanting things to unfold in a certain way, we literally block the flow of life. Life wants to happen in its own way. I truly believe that my life is governed by a higher plan. Everything is unfolding right on time, and exactly as it should. The more I surrender to the plan, the more easily I can release resistance, and find peace. I see this over and over and over again with my clients, as well. As we reflect on how things have unfolded for them, we can always see that it’s been perfect. And listen … unfolding perfectly doesn’t mean that it’s going to be ‘easy’ and ‘free of challenge’. If you can surrender to the process, by holding a deep underlying trust in the higher plan of your life, you will experience true and deep peace.

6. You must be willing to believe in that which you cannot see … yet. 

Faith is the ability to believe in something which you can’t ‘see’ just yet. To have true faith – aka, knowing that what you desire at a heart level is coming to be at the perfect time – is to demonstrate true and deep trust in the Universe / Life / God. I read somewhere once, ‘the challenge of faith is having to believe in something you can’t see yet; but the reward of faith is to eventually receive everything you want’ (that’s me para-phrasing). I love those words so much. The REWARD of your deep faith and trust, will be to eventually receive what you desire. Remember, it’s all unfolding in PERFECT timing.

7. We really do create our own reality, through our energy. 

This is an experiential learning – which is to say, I have only learnt this (and come to deeply believe this) through lived experience. To sum it up: whatever your energy is, you will attract more of this. This is the law of attraction and it is not just some ‘hippie concept’. Start researching quantum physics. Everything is frequency. The frequency you predominantly embody, is what you’re going to attract more of into your experience. This is actually very empowering to understand and embody. YOU are in control of what you call in.

8. There are some life experiences we are simply meant to have, so we can learn certain things. 

This may seem contrary to point number 7. But it isn’t. We create our own reality, and sometimes, that reality HAS to have experiences that are hard and challenging and create mega-breakdowns … otherwise we simply would not evolve into our highest potential. The hardest times are the portal the our greatest evolution. Looking back at my life, I see that the hardest times taught me the MOST. I absolutely called those times in. I needed them. It couldn’t have been other way. While they were happening, I learnt to focus on my energy (again, see point number 7), so I could move through them with more grace and ease. Remember: on a soul level we often choose to call in hard experiences for our GROWTH.

9. Nothing matters as much as we think it does. 

In the moment, life often seems very serious. But when we zoom out a little and gain some perspective, we can always (hopefully) see that there is very little that ACTUALLY matters. To me, what matters is my health, being in LOVE with life, resonating in high frequencies such as love, joy, and abundance, and to live my soul purpose. All the minutiae of daily life … don’t get too caught up in it. And if you do, allow yourself some time to stop and step back. Nothing is as serious as you make it. Ask yourself every day … am I living my truth? Am I being who I really am? If you are not … do whatever you need to do to change this.

10. Simplicity is bliss.

We make life sooooo complicated. Thinking that we need to do and be and have a gazillion things in order to be ‘fulfilled’. Truthfully, I live a very simple life and I am more fulfilled today by my life than I ever was when I was super duper busy, running around chasing my tail trying to become someone that I didn’t actually want to be. Simplicity is absolute bliss. Nature. Feet on the sand. Patting my sweet dogs fur. An early night. Rest. A cup of tea at home. In all of these moments I connect with PRESENCE – the essence of life. Finding simplicity has healed my nervous system, connected me back to the truth of who I am, and shown me what’s actually important in my life.

11. We are eternal. 

Again, this is just my opinion. I believe I’m eternal. I fear death far, far less than I ever used to. I don’t know what comes next, but I’m not too worried about it. We live in the most amazing UNIVERSE. This experience I am having right now, as Beth Bridges, is just a temporary experience. Eventually it will be over. And my consciousness will go on to have another experience, whatever that shall be. As I live my life with this underlying belief, I find more peace. Nothing lasts forever. Impermanence weaves throughout our every day. As I often like to say – nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, remember this – and celebrate it all!

Thank you for reading! There are many more things I believe … but let’s just keep it at that for today! 

With a lot of love –


Beth x


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