Work with these affirmations to shift your energy and raise your vibration!


Dear Amazing Human,

The power of your words and the statements you say to yourself, is profound.

The words we speak, create and hold and energetic vibration, that largely determines how we feel.

And how we feel, determines what we attract.

Today, on my 32nd birthday, I am sharing 32 powerful statements (affirmations) that I wrote first and foremost for myself, to help me feel the way I want to feel, and shift my energy – but also to help YOU!

I also recorded a free, instant download Guided Meditation with every single one of these affirmations within it (scroll to the bottom for this). 

If one (or more) of these affirmations resonates for you, write it down and repeat it to yourself! Keep it near you, and experience the power of words to change your energy, and therefore, change your life.

32 Power Affirmations To Help Shift Your Energy

♥ I trust myself, more than I trust anything or anyone else. I know that it is safe to follow my intuition, and the desires of my heart. I can never lead myself astray. It is so safe to trust myself!

♥ Everything in my life is happening right on time. Every little step is building to create all that desire. I trust the process of my journey.

♥ I am enough, I am doing enough, I have always done enough. There is nothing else I should have done by now; I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

♥ My well-being is paramount. My well-being is number one. I prioritise my well-being above all else, because without thriving myself, I cannot help others thrive.

♥ I was created perfect. Who I am is exactly what the world needs from me. I offer the world my true self.

♥ Everything is coming together in my favour and for my highest good. Everything is always working out for me. I am guided, supported, and looked after by the Universe.

♥ Abundance is like breathing air. I deeply trust that it is all around me. It never runs out. I only have to acknowledge its constant presence in my life. It is everywhere I look.

♥ I am held in the great hands of the Universe. I release all fret, worry, and strain. I know that I am supported, guided, and looked after, always.

♥ I am here on purpose. My soul came with a mission. I always know how to move forward, as long as I listen to my higher self, and take action based on the guidance I receive.

♥ When things fall to pieces, I allow my unravelling, because I know that it’s all coming back together for my greatest good.

♥ I am powerful beyond measure. I am creating my own destiny. I tend to my energetic vibration, day after day, moment after moment, and the life of my dreams unfolds before my eyes.

♥ My highest priority is to feel good. No matter what, I choose to come back to feeling good. From this space, I effortlessly attract more good things to feel good about!

♥ It is so safe to honour myself. It is so safe to give myself what I need. I don’t require anyones approval to be able to do this.

♥ I allow myself to say no when I need to. I know that other peoples reactions to me, are really none of my business.

♥ I approve of myself. I require no external validation. My worth is innate, and requires no validation from outside of me.

♥ I am a healthy, wealthy, successful, free, and abundant woman.

♥ I am so excited for the continual perfect unfolding of my soul journey.

♥ I am doing so well. I am on my way. I am growing and learning, every single day. I am integrating all my soul lessons.

♥ I make changes and I evolve and expand from a place of self-love, not lack. I am, always have been, and always will be, good enough.

♥ My energetic vibration is just as important as my physical energy. I tend to my vibration moment after moment, always choosing a better feeling thought, and a better feeling emotion. As I do this, I draw so many amazing things, opportunities and people into my life.

♥ There are constant universal forces woking on behalf of me. They are responding to the energy I offer to the world. I choose to offer high vibrational thoughts and feelings. The universe responds by offering me a high vibrational life experience.

♥ As I grow and evolve, things, circumstances, and people may leave my life. I trust this, knowing that more aligned experiences and connections are flowing in, to fill the gaps.

♥ When I show up for myself, life also shows up for me. I show the universe that I am ready for more, by continually taking the first steps towards what I desire. The universe always meets me halfway.

♥ I realise that I am not responsible for fixing or fulfilling anyone else. I am only responsible for myself. As I show up in the world as my best self, I positively affect others. This is the best way for me to help people – by being who I truly am.

♥ I create true fulfilment for myself, by constantly following the callings of my own soul.

♥ I choose growth over comfort. I know I am here on this planet to grow, evolve, and expand. I accept my soul purpose and my life mission. I have fun while I am here!

♥ I give myself permission to do what is true for me. I give myself permission to live the life of my dreams. I give myself permission to experience fun, love, joy, expansion, abundance, and so much more.

♥ I empower myself by taking full responsibility for my own life experience. I know that I am a powerful creator. I am creating my own destiny, my own experience, moment after moment.

♥ I honour my symptoms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and I know that they are simply asking me to make change. I gratefully listen.

♥ I know that burnout is not a prerequisite to success. I know that I can be healthy and well, and simultaneously be successful. I define success for myself. I am a success.

♥ There is no upper limit to how good life can get. Things get better and better and better.

♥ I am so grateful that my soul chose to come in this time, to this body, in this life. I honour and appreciate the miracle of my existence! I make the most of this chance to be here. I am grateful.

I also recorded a guided meditation for you, with all these affirmations programmed in! 

Download it instantly, below ♥


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With love – 


Beth x



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