Allow your rock bottom moments to transform you.

Allow your rock bottom moments to transform you

I’ve had my fair share of rock bottom moments over the years, and I know that you have, too. 

Everyone has!

The ones that (literally) bring you to your knees, that make you feel as though your spirit is shattered in a million pieces.

If there is one thing I honour so much about each and every person I come across, it’s their story.

Even if I don’t know what it is, I know they have one. And I know with certainty, that they have had just as many challenges as the rest of us.

We each get delivered the exact set of hardships that we need – to grow us!

I like to think of them as ‘cosmic wake-up calls’.

And looking back at my own life, I know that each of my cosmic wake-up calls was exactly what I needed, to wake me and shake me into CHANGE.

Change and transformation, so that I could move forward into my full self, into the life and purpose that wants to be lived through me.

Because the thing about change is, we often deeply resist it. Even when we’re getting all the warning signs, all the nudges … we still resist.

But so often, your weary heart, tired mind, exhausted body, and crying spirit, are simply begging you to make change. And this is when things happen to shove us into that change.

And so, instead of letting our rock bottom moments shatter us, we should rather honour them for exactly what they are:

Our entire being trying to wake us up, so that we can create the lives that are destined for us.

So, amazing human, rather than berating your symptoms, your body, your circumstances, your struggles, and your challenges … why not lean in to them, ask them what they want you to know, and then be brave enough to follow the intuitive wisdom that you receive.

(Warning: if you do this, you may just end up manifesting the exact life that your spirit truly wants!).

I truly believe that every experience in life is guiding us, trying to teach us and show us the way back to our own truth.

if you are going through a rock bottom phase right now … be honest with yourself about what needs to change. And then, be brave with the answers. You have SO got this. You are more capable than you have ever been taught to believe.

Take your power back, and make the most of the fact that you have a very precious human life!

All love –


Beth x



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