To anyone following their dreams: I know it’s hard.


To anyone following their dreams, 

I know it’s hard. 

I know it’s a challenge, to know deep down that you want something different for your life, and admit that. Because – let’s face it, it’s usually easier to NOT change.

I know it’s a challenge, to move toward the edge of your comfort zones, then cross them – not knowing what’s on the other side, or whether you’ll ever get to where you want to be.

I know it’s a challenge, to put EVERYTHING into chasing that vision that you’re holding, about what you want to do, be or have in this world – and wonder if you’re making a huge mistake.

I know it’s a challenge, to keep on putting in the effort, every single day, even when you can’t see anything tangible changing in your life – yet. 

And – I know it’s a challenge, to have constant faith. Faith that it’s working out the way you want it to (or better).

Following your dreams is hard – but to me, the alternative is harder. 

To NOT follow my dreams, is, I believe, to epitome of ‘hard’.

To be getting up each day and NOT working towards something that resonates with my soul? That’s the greatest challenge of all.

Because the thing is – once you’ve taken a few leaps of faith, in your life? It’s not so scary.

You begin to learn – like, deeply understand – that everything really DOES always work out ok. Even if it doesn’t feel ok at the time.

So if you’re feeling the fear?

Stay with it. I’ve been feeling the fear for the last 7 years. When I was 23, I came out of a long-term relationship where I had completely lost myself, and it hit me that my short and precious life needed to be truly LIVED. Since then, I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zones, time and time and time again.

The last 7 years has delivered me so much growth, so much experience, so much wisdom, so much of all the good stuff. Along with a HUGE side dose of fear and discomfort – for life isn’t fairies and unicorns, it’s real. 

And real, means pain AND pleasure.

This is what you’ll get, when you follow your heart, and follow your dreams. When you become truly authentic, and willing to take chances on yourself. To invest in yourself. To value yourself enough to make sure your life reflects the real YOU.

What do you fear right now? (We all have fears). They’re trying to guide you somewhere.

What are you putting off, until you have more time / more money / less commitments / a different body / a better partner? 

The longer you put it off, the greater the chances are that you’ll never begin. No one is coming along to make your dreams come true – you have to make that happen yourself. You are the greatest asset of your own life. Honour that.

And if you’re already doing so – I applaud you. I’m with you. I feel you!

We’re all in it together.

I know it’s hard, but it’s SO worth it. Do you agree?

Love + light, 


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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