Are these 7 things messing with your hormones?

Are your hormones talking to you lately?

Here are my top 7 things that I believe are interfering with the hormonal status of Modern Women:

1. Too much coffee / caffeine.

Caffeine directly drives stress hormone production within the body, which is at the root of so much of the hormonal disharmony women experience these days. A little bit is ok – but be honest with yourself about how it is affecting you.

2. Too much alcohol.

Alcohol drives oestrogen, which is often a key player in hormonal conditions such as PMS and period pain. It also drives stress hormone production by acting as a stimulant to the adrenal glands, as well as interfering with sleep.

3. Not prioritising sleep.

Many of us don’t have the option for great sleep (mothers / shift workers), but if you do have the opportunity to get enough sleep … are you prioritising it?? The body does SO much hormonally whilst we sleep. If you’re not getting the zzz’s that you need, your precious hormones miss out on all the healing and balancing that sleep offers.

4. Saying YES too often – to things you don’t even want to be doing.

‘Yes-Syndrome’ is inherently stressful. None of us want to go through our days feeling ‘obligated’. Sure, help other people … but remember that you don’t have to say yes to everything. It’s ok if people don’t approve of your choices. YOU just need to approve of your own choices!

5. Rushing ALL the time.

When we are in a constant state of rush, the body remains perpetually in ‘fight-or-flight’ – where it believes that it is in danger, and needs to either fight or take flight. This prompts all sorts of hormonal disharmony, with stress hormones interfering with our exquisitely sensitive reproductive hormones. Is it time to ditch the rush?

6. Not being true to yourself in life.

We are all special, unique, individual. YOU have a truth, an essence, a part of you that wants to express itself in a certain way and do certain things in your one and only (very precious) life. If you don’t honour your personal truth, you may constantly feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy. This is because getting out of bed in the morning to do things that don’t light you up, is genuinely stressful. Authenticity is one of the quickest ways to happy hormones – are you being true to you?

7. Being an energetic doormat / being over-available to other people.

I spent most of my life as an energetic doormat to other people – thinking that I would be more liked / accepted / approved of if I just did whatever everyone else wanted of me. It took me many years to learn to set strong energetic boundaries. To this day, I still find it a challenge … but every time I honour my own needs – even if it means letting someone else down – it gets a little easier. And … people get over it when you say no to them – but YOUR body, mind and soul don’t get over it when you deny their needs over and over and over again. Be true to you! Declare the boundaries that you need. And maybe, try not being so available to everyone … and be more available to yourself.

Here’s to making the changes that we need, to have happy, healthy, hormones! 

Much love to you –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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