Are you floating in trust, or drowning in angst?


How easy (or not!) do you find it to drop into trust? 

Recently I said to a client who is going through an incredibly difficult time, and sitting with a lot of angst, ⠀

‘If you don’t want to sit in angst, you’ve got to learn to trust’. ⠀

Because, this is what I deeply believe:

When we are sitting in angst about whatever is going on for us (as opposed to trust), we block all of the good stuff.

We literally BLOCK solutions. Grace. Better outcomes. ⠀

Angst is a yucky feeling.

It feels like hopelessness. And despair.

It keeps us completely stuck in our head.
Worrying. Stressing. Fretting.
Projecting our emotional state onto others and the world at large.
Feeling like a victim. ⠀

It’s hard to attract better outcomes from that place, really.

If you are having trouble sitting with what’s going on for you right now … see how often you can shift yourself out of angst … and into trust. 

I know, it’s not easy.

When all evidence on the PHYSICAL plane appears to the contrary, it’s hard to believe that everything ‘is unfolding as it should’.

Really, it can be so infuriating whenever we read or hear those words (even though, I personally believe them).

BUT, you don’t know what is happening on a NON-physical plane.
You don’t know what might be manifesting for you – in your favour – right now.

You don’t know why this had to happen … yet.
You might never know.
But it is usually only with the blessing of hindsight, that things make ‘sense’. That we can realise, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was.

In my experience, it is often when it seems like EVRYTHING is falling apart, that the biggest breakthroughs truly happen. ⠀

Can you relate?

At the very least, choosing to TRUST, will clear your mind space. ⠀

It will get you out of your reptilian brain (the part of your brain that is literally wired for survival – your hindbrain). And back into your forebrain – the place of logic and reasoning.

It will provide mental energy for focussing on divine guidance and solutions instead.

When I’m needing to switch back into trust, I find the following really work for me:

A walk in nature
A yin yoga class
A float tank session
A guided meditation (I love the Insight Timer app)
A hilarious romantic comedy

All of these things get me out of my head, and back into my heart. 

Amazing Woman, I know life is not easy.

Really, I know. Every week in my work I hear women’s stories. I have my own stories. The women of my friend and family circles have their own stories.

I deeply empathise with whatever is happening for you – even if I don’t know you or your story. 

We all have our fair share of struggle and hardship, and we can honour this.

But, I also know with certainty that dwelling in angst for too long, wears down a spirit very, very, quickly.

And that it is a choice to think and believe differently about a situation.
To believe in HOPE.

So, if sitting in angst about whatever is going on for you is REALLY exhausting you right now?

I invite you to choose trust.

Do it for your own energy, your own well-being, your own sanity.

Life is too precious to sit in constant angst!

Massive love –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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