Are you following the system, or are you following your soul?

Are you following the system, or are you following your soul?

This world we live in (actually, the man-made *system* that we live within, inside of this beautiful natural world) encourages us to focus purely on MATTER — that is, what we can see, touch, feel, taste and smell … in other words, the world of our senses.

This exact system encourages us to focus on NUMBERS — the number in our bank account, the number on the scales, the number on the clock … numbers that seem to define our lives.

The system, quite literally, teaches us that our lives are about achievement, acquisition, the gain of worldly goods, and the like …

And while there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with all of this, there’s a big part of the picture missing.

Because, while we do reside in the physical world of the senses, in these human vessels, for a (relatively short) ride through time and space … there is SO much more to who we really are.

There is an entire realm of our Selves that many never explore … missing out on the Divinity of their own existence.

You are not this physical body. Rather, this physical body is what carries your spirit through this life …

The realm of Spirit, of the Divine, is mysterious because it’s meant to be. 

While there have been many advancements in technology that allow science / physics to offer us insight into what is beyond this physical realm, it is also something that can not be entirely explained.

This is because, God cannot be reduced by science.

The mysterious ways of the Divine cannot be understood by the logical mind.

To understand Divinity, you simply have to go through the heart. Scientists generally don’t like that. And that heart KNOWING — that there is something more, that we are not just these physical bodies, that we are forever held by a Cosmic Intelligence that will always remain a little (or a lot) beyond our understanding … well, that is an experiential knowing, that can ONLY come about via ones own explorations with the realm beyond matter.

No matter how many books you read about God, about the Universe, about the Divine, it all remains just theory … until you experience it for yourself. Until you deeply ponder the nature of your existence.

And so, when we look at our lives, especially life in this modern age, it’s easy to see that the way we live is, for most people, dictated largely (or entirely) by the system.

Some call this system ‘the matrix’. The literal definition of a matrix is, something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.

In other words, we are born into this system (matrix), which then conditions us to believe, live, think, and act in certain ways. We ‘take form’ from the system, from the conditioning. We do this until, perhaps, we decide to look beyond this system, beyond the veil, and explore life for ourselves.

For me personally, I have never felt as though I ‘belong’ in this world.

Although I find the natural world incredibly awe-inspiring and stunningly beautiful (hence why I became a naturopath), I find the systems and structures which ‘govern’ humanity, incredibly oppressive, as they are in their current state.

I believe that human beings are not encouraged to explore what is beyond all of the ‘do, do, do’, ‘go, go, go’, and ‘pay bills until you die’ mentalities. I believe we have an immense amount of divine, untapped potential, within each and every one of us. I believe we are here for MORE than jobs that exhaust us and mortgages that stress us. I believe we deserve better than what we are currently offered.

I also know that the way society operates is not moral, just, or fair to all human beings.

The mere fact that billionaires and extreme poverty co-exist, is proof to me that we need new systems.

Our current world systems are founded on greed, power, and destruction. While 1% of the world controls something like 95% of the population’s wealth, a HUGE portion of our world’s civilisation is, quite literally, starving to death.

Can anyone make that make sense? No, because it doesn’t.

For me, in the last decade of my life, it has been an ongoing exploration of following my soul, versus following the system. Because the system doesn’t resonate for me anymore. 

Obviously, I recognise that to operate as a human within this society, I must follow certain ‘rules’. But I also know that I am not the only human being who has this itch – this itch for MORE. More meaning. More love. More divinity. More of the stuff that actually matters.

Right now, we are moving through a potent time in history, an ascension cycle, when the consciousness of our planet is rapidly shifting, and more and more human beings are awakening to their divine nature … and deciding to follow their soul, versus following the system.

This can feel very scary if you have spent your whole life looking to money, possessions, status, and achievements as your validation.

Those who undergo a spiritual awakening deeply realise that while money is a currency that we currently play with on Planet Earth, it absolutely means nothing about who we are.

When you awaken spiritually, you realise that much of what seems ‘normal’ to everyone else, is, in fact, an illusion. And this is where it gets exciting … because this is where you get to explore your true nature.

I am not saying that worldly things like money and homes and whatever else, aren’t important. Living as human beings, we need these things for our survival. BUT – there is SO much more to our existence than these things. And if you have your basic needs met, what more do you really need? How could you help another with your abundance, your time, your possessions?

As we move forward into 2021, this calling to explore the path of the soul (and break away from the matrix systems that currently govern humans) is only going to get stronger and stronger for many people.

The niggles that you feel from your soul … are only going to get louder.

You are going to be called to drop everything that isn’t truly authentic; to examine your beliefs and where those beliefs even came from; to decide what’s truly important; to start prioritising your body, mind and soul; to explore your divine nature; and so much more.

What an EXCITING journey.

Though times are turbulent right now, stay in hope. Humanity needed something to shaken and awaken us. Here we are.

My last question to you …

This year, are you going to follow your soul, or follow the system?

Sending you a lot of love vibrations as we move forward from this day, into the next calendar year.


Beth x



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