Are you pushing yourself too hard, unecessarily?

Do you constantly ‘push through’ when you are feeling depleted, and when your body is deeply asking for you to slow down?

I find it so confusing that we expect ourselves to be ‘on’ / ‘productive’ / ‘performing’ / ‘pushing’ ALL of the time.

When we live this way, we ignore the innate cycles and seasons of our bodies, and our lives.

We are governed by so many rhythms – rhythms of hormones, of the moon, of the seasons, and more.

When we don’t flow with these rhythms, tuning in to our bodies, minds and souls, we (can possibly) create disease and disconnection.

Every part of nature (plants, animals, etc) goes through phases of rest and renewal. It’s part of the process.

Don’t get sucked in to the expectations of the modern world, thinking that ‘busy is better’.

Don’t allow your worth to be validated by how many things you can say you’ve achieved in a day.

If you know that you’re out of balance, create space and stillness in your life – so you can tune in to your inner wisdom, which will let you know what you need to do to heal.

Above all, don’t feel guilt or shame for needing time, space, rest, or anything else for your healing process. 

If you can relate to my above words, I can seriously help you … from wherever you are in the world!!

This week, I launched my newest eCourse creation – a shorter eCourse, called:

Find Your Feminine

Early bird pricing ends for this eCourse on SUNDAY! 

Find Your Feminine is a 3-module eCourse, that was born out of my desire to teach women worldwide, about their female hormones, about stress (and what it does to their hormones!), about how living too much in their ‘yang’ (aka, their masculine!) is drastically messing with their health, how to re-connect to their inner goddess, and sooo much more.

I want to teach you to honour your natural, feminine rhythms … tuning out from the noisy world, and tuning back in to YOURSELF. Your wise inner guidance, your body, your soul … these parts of you know exactly what you need. That big noisy world? It does NOT!

I currently have this eCourse on sale with early bird pricing, and it is a steal. For less than the price of one 60-minute consultation with me, you can access three jam-packed modules of content.

I can’t wait to share this with you!!!

We begin with Module One on June 21st. 

Sign up by Sunday night (16th June) to receive early bird pricing!! 

Come on over to find out what this beautifully feminine eCourse, is all about!

I have a strong desire to make the information that I learnt in my extensive tertiary studies, available to women worldwide.

I want to teach you all that I know, and make this important information readily available to you.

This is why I LOVE creating eCourses. Truly. It is such an exceptional way to learn. And, my eCourses are truly brimming with content!

Jump in today to save $56 AUD.

Price will increase from $177 AUD, to $233 AUD, this Sunday, the 16th June.

I can’t wait to help you with this content!

Hit reply to this email if you have questions.

All my love, 


Beth x



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