Are you tired of being over-needed?

Are you tired of being over-needed?

/ Over-committed ⠀
/ Over-needed⠀
/ Over-available ⠀

/ Under-slept⠀
/ Under-rested ⠀
/ Under-nourished ⠀

^^^^ the state of so, so many modern women. Can you relate??

Every woman I work with tells me this is how she is feeling.

I watch women in my personal life feel like this. I even feel like this a good proportion of the time (which constantly reminds me to be practicing what I am preaching).

How is this ok??

Amazing women, until we learn to take a stand for all of our precious resources (time, energy, attention, money, and whatever else), we will continue on this way.⠀

Wondering when it will EVER be time, to focus on our own wellbeing and fulfilment. ⠀

But … the time is NOW. Now, now, now. ⠀

The clock is ticking. The clock that takes us closer and closer to the end of our fleeting and precious lives.

Making an amazing, life in a body that feels truly well, starts today.

With a choice to do *whatever* it is that you truly need to do, to start prioritising YOU. ⠀

Relieve others of the responsibility of having to notice that you are not doing well … and acknowledge it for yourself. ⠀

Then go forth and pave your own way back to yourself, your truth, your wellness. ⠀

No none is coming to save you … but that’s ok, because you can save yourself.

And you can find people to help you do that. One step at a time!

If you are tired of feeling over-needed and under-nurtured, please know that the power to change this, lies within your very own hands. 

Let go of the excuses, and let in the change / healing / transformation that you so desperately need.

All love –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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