Ask for help, and you shall receive it.

Not long ago, I was going through the notes section on my iPhone (where I write everything before I share it on here!) and I found so many notes asking for HELP.

Asking for help from The Divine …

Along the lines of …

Please, please show me my next steps.
I really need help right now.
I trust my journey, but I need to be shown where I’m headed and what to do.
I am willing to see this differently … I am willing to be shown a better way.
Please make me a conduit of a higher purpose.
Please help me to make sense of this.
Please help me to get through this and thrive again.
I am really struggling and need to be shown the higher plan.
I need help believing something better.
I need help with my faith. Please show me that you are real.

There are soooo many more.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat with tears streaming, writing notes into my iPhone … to God.

If they really do spy on us through our smart phones, they’re getting a lot of entertainment with me 😂😂

In my darkest moments I have always turned to the Higher Intelligence that I KNOW governs all things.

I know I am heard. And I’m willing to be metaphorically on my knees … asking for help.

And it is ALWAYS my experience (always) that after the worst-feeling moments — the times when I feel like my faith barrel is really empty, and then I fervently and earnestly ask for help — miracles come through. Shifts happen. As I’m willing to ask for help. For guidance. For something to shift.

All of this to say >


Prayer is so deeply powerful.

Try it. Make God your bestie. Talk to The Divine. Let your Creator know that you need help. Now. Please and thank you.

It works, it really does.

You are cradled in the palm of something so much more powerful than you can comprehend. Let yourself lean into that.

The reason we have so much trouble having faith … is because it requires us to believe in something that we cannot SEE.

We need to get past the ‘needing to see God’. Because *evidence* of God is everywhere. And we can see the evidence.

Can we let that be enough?

The blooming of a flower.
The germinating of a pumpkin seed.
The life force that drives my dog to leap onto my lap (all 23kg of her 😂).
The clouds floating through the sky.
The breath that flows in and out of my lungs.
The sun that beams it’s cosmic rays down upon me.

Just a few examples of my day today. To me, it’s ALL divinity. It’s proof. It’s everywhere.

Pray. Ask for help. Ask for your dreams to come true.

And, most importantly, BELIEVE that it is possible.

Prayer + fervent belief —> Miracles.

And I can attest to the fact that iPhone notes are as good a place as any, to write these prayers and requests 🤭

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. Do it anywhere, including in your head. In your heart. Do it all day long.

Your intention and your requests are deeply powerful. And don’t forget to be grateful as well, as the blessings flow in — even the tiniest ones.

If you have a lot of trouble with faith, trust, and believing that you are supported by something much greater than you, this is one of the main topics that we cover in-depth in my new eCourse, Restore.

This eCourse is only just beginning … growing into an online library to support you on your journey throughout 2021!

My certainty that you are supported, is much greater than your doubt.

With love,


Beth x



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