Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?

Why you’re drawn to certain things, places and people and not others?

Why your personality is the way that it is?

Why you have certain, innate reactions to life?

The beautiful thing about YOU, is that you’re a completely unique soul. One of a kind. Never been before, never to be repeated.

This means, that your soul path, your journey to walk out in this lifetime, is going to be so different to anyone else’s. What lights you up is going to be so different to that of your Mum, your best friend, your siblings …

In my work, one of the most common things that I hear is that people feel disconnected from who they really are, at a soul level. 

‘I want to know my soul purpose’.

‘I don’t know why I’m here’.

‘I don’t know what steps to take next’.

‘I don’t know who I really am’.

This is why I designed my ‘Exploration Sessions’.

These are a spiritual life coaching session that incorporates the tools of Astrology, Tarot, and Oracles, to help shed some light on ‘why you are the way you are’, where life is calling you to go next, and why you may be moving through whatever you are moving through (there’s always a purpose to the madness).

You’ll leave this session feeling inspired, more connected to your soul, and more clear about what’s unfolding for you in life.

Click HERE to book your Exploration Session via Skype, from wherever you are in the world!

As I work with all of my clients via Skype, Exploration Sessions can be partaken in from wherever you are – I’ve had the absolute privilege of facilitating these for women in America, England, Scotland, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and more!

All you need is an hour of space and privacy, a good internet connection, and your phone, iPad or computer.

To book your 60-minute Exploration Session with me, click HERE to reserve your space on my calendar.

Your Investment

Exploration Sessions are $175 AUD

In your Exploration Session, I will look up your astrological birth chart, and we’ll explore the following elements of your astrological make-up:

Sun Sign
Rising Sign
Moon Sign
North Node
South Node

Plus, a few other factors. Astrology is such an incredible art, it sheds so much light on why we have certain tendencies and callings.

We’ll also do a tarot reading based upon whatever you wish to have guidance around, alongside oracle cards to complete your session.

I blend all of this with my intuitive life coaching style, helping you to get to the heart of YOU.

If you have any questions, please email – we would be delighted to help you.

With love, 

Beth x

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