The beauty of being sick and tired.

Beth Bridges

We all know that phrase, ‘I’m sick and tired, of being sick and tired’ … but today I wanted to offer you a different perspective on feeling this way. 

Often, we berate our bodies for feeling the way they do. As if our poor bodies are punishing us – through illness or burnout or exhaustion.

But, really … there is beauty in being sick and tired (or, any sort of unwell – you know what I mean).

Far from being an ‘annoyance’ or an ‘inconvenience’, the symptoms given to us by our minds, bodies and souls, are always trying to guide us back to what is right and true for us.

Burnout, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, PMS, anxiety, irritability, feelings of discontentment and unease throughout our entire being … these are all happening for a reason.

Sometimes it can feel like a pain when we are ‘held up’ by such symptoms. When we just want to get on with life. I totally understand that.

But maybe … those symptoms are asking us to stop, listen, and take note of what needs to change.

Maybe those symptoms are FORCING you to surrender – so that you can rest, recuperate, hear a message that your soul is trying to tell you – but can’t because you are always so BUSY. 

Forced surrender: through illness or another means – can be a blessing. Treat it as so. Make the most of it. Look for the messages, the lessons.

Is there a part of you that knows your body, mind and soul are trying to tell you something at the moment? Through symptoms – whether they be physical, mental or emotional?

If so, listen in.

Take some time and space for yourself. Because it’s only with time and space that we can ever hear the answers that are waiting to come through to us, just below the surface.

Remember, you are your own guru. Your feelings, intuition, gut instinct are always showing you the way.

Love to you –


Beth x



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