Is it time to stop bending yourself backwards, for everyone but yourself?

Stop bending yourself backwards

Are you struggling with overwhelming stress, and hormonal imbalances?

I lived with female hormonal imbalances and an overactive stress response for years, before I ever learnt what was actually going on in my body.

And discovered that the way I was feeling, was, in fact, so far from the way my body is actually designed to feel.

I am so glad that I am now deeply in tune with myself (body / mind / soul), and I know that fluctuations away from my innate vitality and fulfilment, are simply sacred messengers, letting me know that something about the way I am living (and thinking and believing and all of the rest!) needs to change.

The MOST transformational and pivotal part of my own healing journey was finally realising that, actually, I do get a say in my own life.

As in … I get to decide where my energy and time and money and other resources go.

I don’t have to please EVERYONE. (And nor could I, it’s literally an impossible feat).

Amazing women of the world, you can bend yourself backwards trying to be everything to everyone … but that is actually not your job.

Your job is to be the most vibrant version of you, so that you can then serve others with that very vibrancy.

Yes, of course, tend to the things that are important to you. That are essential. But beyond that … be discerning.

Because sometimes, we expend our energy trying to fix other people’s issues and problems … when, actually, they may need to have the experience of doing it for themselves.

Sometimes, we take on a disproportionate amount of responsibility for others … when that was never our purpose in the first place.

Sometimes, we are soooo afraid of upsetting ANYONE, that we run ourselves absolutely ragged, doing everything that everyone expects of us, at the absolute expense of our own well-being.

Of course, be there for what REALLY needs you. But that simply must include you.

There are so many solutions, but I truly believe that for People Pleasing Women, TRUE healing comes back to deeply realising this  important truth: 

YOU (yes, you) are so worthy of the same love, care, energy, money, time, attention, and other resources, that you so willingly extend to others.

When you raise your self-worth, and finally believe this, with every cell in your body?

Everything changes.

With love –


Beth x



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