Hormonal balance from an energetic perspective.

The energetics of hormonal balance.

There is SO much more to bringing sustainable balance to women’s reproductive hormones, than simply taking some herbs or supplements, and not changing anything else. 

At its core, hormonal imbalance in women is often largely linked to an imbalance in the masculine / feminine energies (that we all have within us, regardless of gender).

Over the years I have worked with many women on their hormones, trying to help them bring balance back into the endocrine (hormonal) systems of the body.

And what I see over and over again, is women living far too much in their masculine. This is how I used to live as well. 

What happens when we live from this place, is that we are constantly in ‘push, push, push’ mode. The ‘go’ button is forever on. It’s an energy of constant DOING.

This prompts the nervous system into fight/flight mode, or sympathetic nervous system response. Over time, this becomes the dominant response of the body, as a reaction to the stress created when we are always DOING and never BEING.

As the body is consistently and chronically flooded with toxic stress hormones (biologically designed to only be present in times of acute / short term threat to life), this profoundly impacts our delicate female reproductive hormones.

It is impossible to fully heal and find hormonal balance in this state. 

Healing requires nervous system balance, which means that we also need to be getting our autonomic nervous system back into rest/digest response, or the parasympathetic branch.

*** We cannot balance our hormones when we are living in survival. ***

(Trust me, I tried it for years).

We are not designed to be living in constant survival mode. The stress response puts us into a catabolic state, which basically means that it slowly breaks the body down. 

And then, when our beautiful bodies deliver us wise symptoms (messages), we are told to cover them up with painkillers, or the oral contraceptive pill, or whatever else – instead of listening, and making change.

Finding sustainable balance.

And so, finding balance is going to require more than supplements and organic, nutritious food (though those are truly lovely, and of course play a part). 

It’s going to require the women of this overly masculinised society — where we are imprinted with messages about what you have to do to be a ‘success’, where we run the martyred energetic programming of people pleasing, and where we cram unnecessary commitments into our already full schedules — to choose differently. 

I once had someone ask me, Beth, do you honestly think it’s possible to be truly well?

My answer was YES – but only, only, only if you are willing to tune out from this society, this system that we live within, and go within. Go within and explore what your precious body is telling you.

If the body is the messenger of the soul, then what messages is your body currently trying to communicate to you from your soul?

And … are you willing to explore a different approach to healing your imbalances?

Energetic equilibrium.

Within all of us, regardless of gender, resides the beautiful energies of both the masculine and the feminine. It’s the dance of these two that makes us whole beings. 

Sadly, many modern women have dwelled in their masculine for so, so, long, that they don’t know what it feels like to be in touch with their feminine essence, and to live from that place.

The feminine is soft, free, surrendered to life. This energy is one of trust and faith – qualities that we NEED in order to flow with life.

The feminine is happy to dance with the unknown, with the mystery that we ALL face as we walk our human journeys. The feminine knows she is HELD by Life itself. This energy is in touch with intuition and with psychic ability (yes, we are all psychic).

This is the part of us that is so happy to just BE, to take time to just delight in the beauty of life. To slow down (and therefore calm down the nervous system).

On the contrary, the masculine energy allows us to get stuff done. It’s more forceful, outcome-orientated, and driven by goals. It’s our ‘get up and go’. It’s our radiance and our strong life force.

The masculine is also necessary. BOTH energies are necessary.

But for most women that I observe, living in the masculine – pushing themselves chronically, for years on end – has often led to burnout, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal imbalance.

Making change.

If this is resonant for you, it could be possible that your inner feminine is BEGGING for your attention.

What does this mean?

It simply means that your inner self – the very WISE part of you – wants your more human self to acknowledge that there may be a different way for you to do life, than how you are doing it now.

A way of life that includes:

Slowing down
Having boundaries
Giving yourself permission to say no
No longer pushing when you are clearly exhausted
Honouring the natural rhythms of your menstrual cycle (and resting more during certain phases)
Connecting to your inner feminine essence and asking what she needs from you
Finding practices and rituals that soothe your nervous system

Or … whatever else.

For me personally, it has taken me many, many years of moving through cycles of burnout and recovery, burnout and recovery … over and over again, until I finally reached a defining point where I simply wasn’t available for that anymore. Like any decision, this is one we tend to make after hitting rock bottom enough times.

I slowly (very slowly) made sustainable shifts in my life, to reflect this newfound awareness.

And these days, my body and soul simply won’t let me dishonour myself. And that is the point you will eventually get to, if you commit to this journey.

Where to begin?

Begin within. Your inner self knows if there is truth in this message for you. And she also knows your first steps to finding your way out of whatever health or life situation you may have found yourself in. 

The first step is to listen … within.

I work with women regularly on this topic, and have assisted so many of my clients to tune out from the noisy society that tells us to ‘push through’, and to tune IN to their precious body and soul.

If support feels resonant, you can book a 1:1 spiritual life coaching session here (all sessions online, join from anywhere).

But always remember that your beautiful, wise inner self (your soul) has so many messages for you, first and foremost. When I work with clients, I am simply holding space for us to peel back the layers of conditioning and fear and mental chatter, to get to this beautiful space that already exists within you.

Begin within ♥




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