You can try to ‘plan’ your life, but LIFE will always have the final say.

No matter how diligently you try to ‘plan’ all of the details of your life, LIFE itself will always have the final say, and this is a beautiful fact to surrender to.

The masculine energy that underpins our modern society, teaches us to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve those goals — no matter what the cost. 

We are literally taught to push, force, and try to manipulate life to bend to the will of our ego mind.

Success, achievement, accolades. Possessions and loads of money in the bank. Status and reputation.

And while these things are all neutral … and there is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with any of it … there does come a point on the journey for MANY, where they are forced to stop by their inner feminine, and assess what is truly important to them.

The feminine energy doesn’t need to control life. This energy can play with goals, but there’s no striving or forcing.

The feminine energy bows to the innate intelligence of the life force that flows through each and every one of us. 

This is the energy of surrender and trust.

This energy knows deeply that no achievement, possession, number in the bank, level of societal success, or anything of that sort could EVER define her true worth. And that these things are not the ‘point’ of our existence, as this matrix that we live in would have us believe.

This energy also knows that all of these things are essentially an illusion, something we are simply playing with while we’re living as humans in this 3D reality.

Most people are still living so heavily in their masculine. This has nothing to do with gender. We all have these energies within us.

As more and more people suffer conditions like adrenal fatigue and exhaustion and extreme burnout, stress related hormonal imbalances, infertility, and the like, one by one we are waking up to the fact that it’s no longer sustainable to try and bend life to the will of our mind anymore.

Pushing, pushing, pushing.

Pushing our precious bodies beyond their limits, time and time again. 

Never having a single moment of rest from the monkey mind.

Feeling so alone and separate, because we don’t understand how truly held we are by life.

At this point, we must go within … and allow the heart to take over. Allow the soul to guide the path.

It can be scary when you really tune in to the soul, because often we realise that everything we thought defined us, truly doesn’t. 

This is a massive ego death that takes place.

It’s a journey I’ve been on myself. Life stripped me bare of everything I was attached to for my identity. And when there was nothing left, there was just my soul. And it was so beautiful.

This is the feminine. Coming back to the soul. And learning how to have BALANCE. Balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Being able to play with ‘goals’ and other worldly things that our ego mind loves … whilst simultaneously deeply understanding that life ALWAYS has the final say.

Trusting the intelligent flow of life. 

The feminine feels safe to rest in the void. Not pushing. Not forcing. Not striving. 

Just … trusting. And content to see what beauty might unfold.

It can be a journey to get to a place of finding balance with these two energies. A dance between the two, tripping and stumbling until you find your rhythm.

Every step will be worth it.

Life truly wants to play with you (actually, play THROUGH you). 

Imagine the magic that can happen when you open yourself up to that. Not needing to control anything anymore … but just revelling in delight at the beauty of this life.

Above all, it’s so important to understand that there is truly a divine intelligence that flows through your life.

It doesn’t NEED you to try and control it. It already totally has you covered!

Use your masculine to take action on the things that your feminine guides you towards. Harness the power of each of these energies, making you up as one whole being.

Safe. Supported. Held. LOVED. By life itself.

Have a wonderful day revelling in your feminine.




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