Stop listening to the world; start listening to yourself.

The world told me to push, force, fight and strive, in order to be a success.

But I couldn’t ignore any longer the PMS, exhaustion, depleted adrenals, wired nervous system, anxiety and insomnia.

The world told me that in order to be liked and appreciated and approved of, I needed to please absolutely everyone.

But I discovered that this was impossible; so I liked, appreciated and approved of MYSELF instead. And accepted that not everyone would resonate with me.

The world told me that busy was so much better, and made me feel ‘over-sensitive’ for needing proper rest, stillness, and a lot of alone time.

But I tried ‘busy’ out, and realised that actually, slowing down was what made me feel light, free, feminine and content – and that my sensitivity is a gift, that allows me to relate to others with empathy.

The world told me that there was an ‘order’ that I had to live my life in, with all the certain parts, laid out in a row.

But I chose to take my own path, because I tried to box myself in like that, and the free spirit in me felt stifled.

The world made me feel like beauty was something to be obtained from cosmetics and unhealthy chemicals and meeting media standards; by changing and rearranging myself.

But I soon learnt, that beauty is a magnetic sparkle that comes from within; obtained by nourishing foods, rest, sunshine, water, and most importantly, finding what you love in life and doing that, in your own brave and authentic way.

The world will tell you all sorts of things.

But it’s up to you, whether you believe it or not.

In this crazy dream we call life, just create your own version, your own way, your own perfect self, your own idea of success.

You really, really don’t have forever.

The illusion of time passes in a flash, in a breath, in the blink of an eye.

Make it count.

You are a unique and magnificent creation.

Believe it.
Believe in yourself, your spirit, the dream that lives within you.

I love you!


Beth x



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