What would happen if you stopped worrying?

You know what would change, if you actually deeply trusted the process of your life?

Well, you would stop worrying.

Because, if you actually trusted that you were being taken care of, you would just show up and do your bit, and leave the rest to the higher intelligence that governs us all.

But, for some reason, we humans think we have to control ALL of it.

Which is bizarre, because really, we are in charge of so very little. 

Humans also seem to believe that worrying will create some sort of better or more predictable outcome. But, it doesn’t. Worrying actually makes zero difference to any outcome. It drains our life force energy, consumes our mind space, and makes us unable to enjoy the present moment.

Worry is actually not helpful on any level. 

If we are not sitting in worry, we are sitting in trust. Sometimes, it feels so weird to sit in trust, because we are SO used to living in constant worry.

I know that for me, worry is a control thing.

If I am not worried about how to ‘fix’ or ‘control’ something, then I almost feel lazy. Because to TRUST is such a peaceful feeling. And we, as humans, have been trained to never be at peace. To always be striving, forcing, fixing, and manipulating our lives, to achieve or do the next thing.

To drop all of that feels counter-intuitive to our minds.

And yet, to our hearts? To drop all of that worry is the most natural thing in the world.

When our minds are in a constant state of worry, it sets up a cascade of stress hormones within the body.

Most people are living under the constant influence of abnormal amounts of stress hormones. This sets us up for complete burnout. This state of ‘survival’ is truly NOT how we were designed to operate.

Survival mode (aka the stress response) is a state of being that is designed to help us when we truly need help surviving. When we are under threat or in danger. And yet, our constant worry sets us up to be living in this space all of the time. 

On the other hand, when we develop out trust in life, and surrender to the grand plan, we allow our nervous systems to drop back into the beautiful, healing calm response. 

When we stop worrying, we regain our precious energy. Energy that your physical body can use to perform the many, many biological functions that it performs in any given moment. Energy that you can use to be present and actually enjoy your life.

When we stop worrying, we clear our mind. And we create peace on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally.

When we stop worrying (and stop trying to control every tiny detail of our lives), we show the universe that we trust the unfolding of our own lives.

When we stop worrying, we surrender to an intelligence that is far greater than our limited mind.

When we stop worrying, we allow ourselves to breathe deeply and properly.

When we stop worrying, we allow ourselves to heal.

Bring to mind the thing that you are MOST worried about right now.

And consider:

Is my worry actually helping this situation? Or rather, is my worry actually hindering me from enjoying my life in the present moment?

If it’s the latter, give yourself permission to do something that gets you out of your head. Get to yoga. Watch a hilarious movie. RELAX. Enjoy your life.

You are ALIVE. Right now. In this moment. What a gift.




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