Shedding and purging your old life, so the new can flow in.

Out with the old, in with the … aligned.

When everything falls apart in your life, you can be sure that a whole new life is (eventually) coming for you … and that is a WONDERFUL thing.

When we are energetically ready to uplevel, life will ensure that ANYTHING that is no longer in vibrational alignment with where we are headed falls away.

We are so LOVED by life, that it will deliberately and lovingly push us right to our limits, over and over again, so that we are forced to grow into our fullest potential.

This is by design. On purpose. Not random.

As myself and one of my soul sisters like to say, this is ‘the shedding’.

While at its core, this process is an extremely positive one, it will generally feel like death.

Because, it is! It’s the symbolic death of parts of your life that are no longer resonant.

While it may feel like the most painful thing in the world to watch relationships, jobs, finances or anything else disintegrate and be ‘lost’ in front of your very eyes, you must always remember that any breakdown is simply leading you to a breakthrough — if you will allow it.

The breakdown always lasts a lot longer than our ego mind wants it to, which is why we resist it, and continually want to give up on ourselves and our soul path.

I am coming to the end of a 2.5 year purge within my own life — a time where I have shed SO MUCH (energetically, emotionally and physically) that it is not even funny.

I am a *completely different* woman to who I was 3 years ago.

I would never take this process back, because the version of me that now exists is the version that is completely in alignment with my own truth.

Surrendered and loyal to my soul.
Living free of all of the imprinting that was placed upon me by society, family, the educational system.
Free and sovereign.

When life is offering you a ‘shedding’ — which will arrive disguised as painful circumstances — lean in. Surrender.

When you are released on the other side of this process, you will be so glad you stayed.
That you did the inner work.
That you invested in yourself.
That you allowed the purge to happen … cleansing you of allllll that no longer serves.

Hold on. The next version of you is so worth doing it for.




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