You cannot harvest what you haven’t planted (in your life).

Before you can have what you want in life, you must plant the seeds for that desire — in your mind, in your energy, and in your physical world.

This essentially means that if you desire something, then your thoughts and your beliefs, your vibrational energy, and the tangible action steps that you take daily, MUST be in alignment with that desire.

Otherwise, there’s a conflict between what you say you want, and who you are being.

For example, you desire more money and abundance — but all you speak about and think about is lack, or how little you have in your bank account.

Or, you desire love and connection in your life — but all you focus on is how alone and desolate you feel, and how no one cares about you.

The truth is … we are each the answer to our own ‘problems’. We are each the key that will set us free from our own issues.

In other words, you can’t harvest a beautiful plant that you never planted a seed for 🌱


This is most people’s stumbling block.

For most of us, we continually focus on why things aren’t working out for us. We think we are somehow being punished by the universe, when really, the universe is simply responding to the energy we are holding in our field.

And really … I get it. I have had so many prolonged instances in my life where I’ve felt like I’ve been hitting road block after road block.

Thinking … why me?

Until I finally took responsibility for the fact that in most cases, I was my own road block. That my energy was completely out of alignment with what I was saying I wanted.

And that at ANY POINT, I could take my power back by:

♦ Identifying limiting thoughts and beliefs that were running my life, and CHANGING them (yes, you can change these things at any time)

♦ Raising my vibrational frequency into higher energies of love, abundance, and joy

♦ Choosing empowering actions in my day to day life that propel me towards the life that I desire to create

♦ Purging my mind and my energy fields of allllll the belief systems and energetic imprints that were placed upon me by this society that we live in — thus setting myself FREE to create in accordance with my own soul vision, rather than the vision of the society / system that we live within

At any point, we can change our experience of life by doing the inner work.

And it is WORK.

It requires a tremendous amount of awareness to constantly recognise where you are slipping back into being the victim of your life … rather than the creator of your life.

To choose different thoughts. To speak different words. To take empowered action when you’d really rather sit and wallow for days on end.

I still wallow at times, but never for long … because I know that the only person that can save me from that experience … is ME.

I am my own key.

And so are you.

You will only harvest what you have planted.

This is the work I do with my coaching clients, helping them to identify their soul vision and bring it to life — by first changing their thoughts, beliefs and energy, and letting GO (for good!) of the energies and imprints that are keeping them stuck.

I have worked with beautiful women across the globe who knew that they were the key to their own life … and I’ve watched them harvest the beautiful results of the seeds they planted with intention, and nurtured into life with their inner work.

For more information on working with me 1:1 online (via Skype or Zoom), come on over.

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