Your pain has not been without divine purpose.

Amazing Human,

I want to remind you today, that the pain you have endured, has not been without divine purpose …

every heartache⠀
every heartbreak⠀
every breakdown⠀
every tear⠀
every challenge⠀
every moment of seeming despair⠀

it hasn’t been without divine purpose. ⠀

these times⠀
they grew you 🌱 ⠀

in ways your ego / mind didn’t love⠀
but that your soul needed.⠀

instead of closing your heart⠀
to potential pain⠀

open your heart⠀
to the beauty that’s coming your way⠀
when you learn to embrace your pain⠀
as your portal⠀
to everything you ever wanted. ⠀

it’s all on purpose ♥️

Oftentimes, we humans want life to be ‘easy’.

But ‘easy’ doesn’t grow us, evolve us, expand us, and shape us into the most divine versions of ourselves.

‘Easy’ doesn’t carry us towards our divine destiny – to get to where we want to be, we often have to be willing to endure the fire of challenge.

If you’re in the fire right now, take heart. 

Your pain is carrying you where you need to go. Let it crack you wide open.

You’ll look back, eventually, and know exactly why it had to be that way.

Embrace the journey that your soul is on.




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