Boundaries and Burnout – is this your missing puzzle piece?

Over the years I have worked with SO MANY women who have moderate to extreme burnout.

I’ve held space for so many clients at their wits end, in deep despair. I’ve seen some heal, and some not. The ones I have seen heal, were always the ones who were truly willing to look at WHY they had become burnt out.

Burnout is just the end result, it’s the symptom.

Looking at HOW you got there is absolutely imperative – so that you can begin to make change from the root of the problem. 

There is absolutely no quick fix for burnout. There is no pill. It involves nurturance on every level – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It’s a journey.

I’ve cycled through endless phases of burnout myself, until I finally got great at the one thing that was the missing link in my healing journey: BOUNDARIES!

I’m willing to make a sweeping generalisation and say that most women who end up with burnout (adrenal fatigue / HPA-axis dysfunction) are People Pleasing Women – who rarely say no to the requests of others, who constantly give from an empty energetic cup, who struggle with ‘letting people down’, and who often (unconsciously) look for external validation for how much they ‘do’.

In the below video, I discuss why BOUNDARIES are going to be an absolutely essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing your burnout.

I highly recommend settling in and watching this if your soul is calling you to do so.

And remember, I work with clients globally, online, on these issues every week. If you’d like to know how I can support you, find out how you can work with me online, or take a look at my Restore online program, which dives deep into this topic as well.

Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

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