Your breakdown is the necessary precursor to your breakthrough.

If you knew that your breakdown was the necessary precursor to your breakthrough, would you continue to resist the process? 

We grow into our full soul potential, through pain and challenge.

However, human beings are wired to seek pleasure, and avoid pain.

So when things get uncomfortable … we’ll do anything we can to get out of there.

But what if the ONLY way for you to truly bloom in life, is to truly go through what you’re being presented with, no matter how painful it is?

In my work, many people come to me during their dark night of the soul. The lowest of low points. That space, void of light, where it feels like nothing can or will ever get better.

And what I always tell them is …

If your life is ‘falling apart’ right now, you’ve got to let it. 

Because if you resist and keep trying to cling to what was familiar in an attempt to feel safe, the ultimate purpose of the MESS you’re in can’t be achieved — and the purpose is, truly, to get rid of all that isn’t meant for you anymore, so that your TRUE path can unfold.

It’s a purge. A cleansing of your old life, your old self, old energies. A spiritual and life detox will feel just as yucky as a physical detox can.

You’re letting go of all that no longer serves you.

It is so beyond painful moving through this.

Watching your life self-destruct before your eyes, and wondering what is in store for you afterwards. I’ve been through this process myself in the last couple of years.

In late 2018 my entire life crumbled down around me and I was lost, alone, and to be honest, terrified.

But there was a spark of TRUTH within me that absolutely knew that on the other side of this … was going to be an exceptionally special breakthrough. And, of course, there was. And it took about 2 years to get to that place.

It takes true courage to walk in this uncertainty, day in and day out, until this new path – the path of the breakthrough – emerges before you.

You are going to have to clear and shed and integrate SO much. You’re going to have to be ok with not knowing ‘what’s going to happen’.

It requires such deep trust and faith. These are qualities that you’re going to cultivate along the way – by necessity.

Faith is the only thing that will see you through when everything is crumbling. But true faith means that you have to believe in that which you can’t see … yet.

True faith is believing that God has your back.

Your life is like a tree that might be getting relentlessly pruned right now. It’s ok. The more you surrender to it, the easier it is for your true destiny to flow in.

I promise you – you cannot avoid this process. You will just continue to loop back to it, over and over, until you’re willing to face it.

Let your life be pruned, because what is going to grow back from those barren branches is so much greater than anything you could have planned for yourself.

As the saying goes —> Let Go and Let God.

There is a higher plan for you, and until you let go … until you break down … you can’t break through.

Let go ♥ and lean in.

Your breakdown is simply the necessary precursor to your breakthrough.

If you’re moving through a breakdown phase in your life, my Traversing The Dark Night Of The Soul Online Masterclass may be able to help you.

With love,


Beth x


Beth Bridges

Naturopath + Women’s Life Coach

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