Hello, Beautiful Human!

Are you¬†exceptionally tired of … being tired?

Do you operate in consistent cycles of burnout, followed by never ‘quite’ getting your energy back, followed by another burnout … ?

Have you been told you have ‘adrenal fatigue’, but don’t really understand what that means, or what the ‘adrenals’ even are??

Then Burnout Masterclass is for you!

Modern humans are having a tougher time than ever, dealing with the demands of a frantic + frenetic schedule.

For most of us, the amount we carry on our ‘life plate’ is truly immense, and it is taking its toll on us – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For most of the women I see, vitality (which is supposed to be our natural state of being) is a distant dream.

Please, Amazing Woman, let me tell you something that I know for sure:

Constant exhaustion, fatigue, depletion … these are not ‘normal’.

>> These are symptoms. <<

And all they are trying to do, is lovingly wake you up, and guide you back to what needs to change – in your health, and in your life.

The longer we ignore our symptoms, the louder they get.
We think we can outsmart our bodies, but … we can’t.
Our bodies are actually smarter than us.
Pushing through is not the answer.
Listening is the answer.
Making change is the answer.

I know, it feels much easier said than done.

But don’t you think life is far too precious to live like this??

Burnout Masterclass will teach you:

/ The basic physiology behind the stress response (including the nervous system, the brain, and the adrenal glands)

/ How we unknowingly keep ourselves stuck in a chronic and unrelenting stress response, and what this does to our health picture

/ Symptoms of adrenal fatigue (AKA, burnout! But more correctly known as HPA-axis dysfunction)

/ The many, many unrecognised reasons behind Modern Women being SO exhausted (these will surprise you)

/ The energetic principles of Yin/Yang, and why we so desperately need to incorporate more ‘Yin’ into our daily lives

/ The idea of life essence (chi), how easy it is to deplete this precious energy

/ The energetic link of burnout and a depleted base chakra

/ Recognising where your (unconscious) need for approval and acceptance from others is ruining your wellbeing

/ Solutions to get you started on your road to recovery

Plus, more!

Burnout Masterclass includes:

// 2.5 hours of video content (divided into 11 bite size videos)

// 3 guided meditations that you can download and keep with you as you heal

// and guided ‘homework’ prompts for each video, that will encourage you to deeply consider what needs to change, in order for you to step into the healthy, vital, vibrant woman, that I know you desire to be.

The intention is that you will use this Masterclass as a way to begin addressing what needs to change, in your health, and in your life. 

If you genuinely do the reflective work (which I highly recommend), then all-in-all, Burnout Masterclass will give you 4-5 hours of learning, reflection, and growth.

Many people revisit my eCourses again and again, to rewatch their favourite videos, listen to the meditations, and dive deeper into the reflective inner work.

You have lifetime access to the content, and can come back and view / listen, as often as you desire.

This is designed to be a low-cost way to learn everything that I would want to teach one of my burnt out, adrenal fatigue clients, over many 1:1 sessions.

I want to make this information accessible to all, not just those who can afford to work together 1:1.

Change starts with being educated, and being honest with ourselves about what is no longer working for us anymore.

Burnout Masterclass can be a catalyst for you deciding that, actually, you are worthy of so much MORE than burnout – and putting steps in place to change this pattern in your life.

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Burnout Masterclass will no longer be available after the 17th November.

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Ready to banish your burnout?

Amazing Woman …

I deeply wish to remind you:

Burnout is NOT your natural state. You do NOT have to keep pushing through, prioritising everything and everyone else, at the expense of your wellbeing.

There is a way for you to heal, and it’s going to start with learning about what’s going on in your body, and then deciding what needs to change, so that your human experience on this earth can be a wonderful one.

Please, join me so I can help to inspire you to choose something more for yourself – something that is in line with what you truly deserve.

All my love!


Beth x


Beth Bridges is a Naturopath and Life Coach for women.

She deeply believes that true wellness must encompass not only physical health, but also fulfilment of one’s life purpose.

She specialises in women’s health and hormones, burnout and exhaustion, stress-related adrenal dysfunction, and helping one to find their true soul essence and bring that into their everyday life.

Beth is on a mission to help women all over the world to slow down and tune into their own spirit, so they can live a healthy, fulfilling and inspired life.

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