Change your energy, change your life.

Amazing human,

If you 100% knew that the thoughts you habitually think, and the emotions you predominantly feel (which are determining your energetic vibration), were determining what shows up for you in your physical world ….

… then, would you pay more attention to changing your thoughts and shifting your emotions? ⠀
Would you continue to hold onto limited beliefs and view points?⠀
Would you continue to believe that life was happening ‘to’ you and that you had no control over it?⠀
Would you continue to complain? ⠀

Or … would you channel your moment to moment awareness into choosing higher vibrational thoughts and feelings, so that you could attract what you truly desire into your life?⠀

Tending to your vibrational energy is just as important as tending to your physical energy. ⠀

As my awareness grows, I constantly find myself slipping back into complaint, into fear, into lack, but I’m getting better and better at shifting straight back out of them.⠀

Because I know I’m attracting from my vibrational standpoint … and I want to attract great things.

Don’t you?

Feel the pain. Feel the emotions. Let it out. And then, shift your energy. Find a way to feel better.

It takes an amazing amount of awareness to keep doing this. But just keep bringing your attention to it.⠀

Ask yourself, is this how I want to be thinking and feeling??⠀

And if not … choose a better thought. Choose a better feeling. ⠀

And once you do this consistently enough, watch life shift in favour of what you DO desire. ⠀

With love, ⠀


Beth x



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