It starts with YOU – be the change that you need in your own life.

Very often in my work, I receive emails or messages on social media from people telling me about their lives …

At the heart of these communications, is often a sense of hopelessness, a sense that they don’t know what to do, a sense that they are waiting for something to sweep in and sort of ‘save’ them, a sense that something external from them must change in order for them to feel better.

I can so relate. Been there a trillion times.

In the more challenging times of life, it’s tempting to want something to save us. The universe. Another person. Whoever or whatever. We just want something to fix what doesn’t feel good.

But the thing is …

We are the only ones that can facilitate the change that we really need to make.

What does this mean?

It simply means that we stop waiting for something external to us to shift or change in order for us to ‘feel better’, and we take a solid action step toward shifting energy or creating change in our lives, ourselves.

Now, this doesn’t mean that life, the universe, and other people aren’t going to assist us on our journeys. No way. We are not in this alone.

But, what it means is that we have to take the first step.

When we are in a funky place, where everything feels impossible, we must love ourselves enough, and value ourselves enough, to take just the first step towards change.

This might look like:

Being vulnerable and honest with a family member or friend, and finally asking for help

Investing in ourselves to hire a coach or another practitioner to help guide and support us

Getting to that yoga class in order to connect to the body, mind and spirit (the answers always come at yoga)

Being willing to spend some of our money on our own healing and growth

Finally reading that book we feel drawn to

Sitting our butt down to meditate each day instead of procrastinating with the washing

Taking a good, solid look at the finances and getting real about our relationship with money

Finally listening to the wise messages of our body, and starting a daily movement practice, even if for just ten minutes a day

Admitting to ourselves that the job or relationship we’re in is sucking the life from our soul, and taking action on getting out

OR, it could look like a myriad of other things.

The point is, your change starts with YOU. Always. Sure, it might be other people that are helping you on your journey to making that change.

But YOU have to be the one to decide that you are willing to change in the first place, and take the first steps towards hiring or finding those people who are going to help you.

YOU have to decide that you are worthy of more in your very precious life.

YOU have to decide to take a chance on what your soul is calling you towards.

YOU have to risk being vulnerable and truly SEEN by other people, in order to call in the relationships or clients or whatever else you want.

It starts with you, it always starts with you.

Love yourself enough to be the catalyst for the change you need.

Take that first step.

I truly believe that the universe and life want to fully support us in our journeys. But we can’t just be passive, and complacent. We can’t be the victim. We must take the first step. When we take the first step towards the change we know we need, the universe sweeps in to support us. But it begins with your own self-worth.

Take the first step …

With love,


Beth x



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