The Dark Night Of The Soul.

The Dark Night Of The Soul.

A place where nothing makes sense, everything falls apart, and hope is lost.

While you are buried underground, no light in sight, your innermost self is calling to you.

Listen, it whispers. Listen to me, so I can show you the way home. 

You’ll probably resist the call from within. And keep pushing, forcing, and fighting with life. Trying to ‘make things happen’ the way your ego mind thinks they ‘should’ be.

Until, one day, after getting tired of your own resistance you’ll just … give in. Give in to being in this strange place, this place where everything you thought you knew about yourself and your life is dissolving.

On your knees (metaphorically, but probably also literally), alone, crying.

Wondering if anyone even cares.

Wondering why life ‘isn’t working out for you’.


And here is where the transformation begins …

Like a seed underneath the soil, you’ll have to crack open.

Spilling out all the pain, the emotion, the fear, the deep conditioning that has been placed upon you by this world, suppressing your True Soul Self.

Old energetic programming that no longer serves you, purging out of your energetic and physical bodies.

The trauma of your past experiences, being felt deeply as it passes through.

Letting go of ALL that is not truly you. All of it, every single bit.



You’ll stay in this place of the dark unknown for awhile. Longer than you’d like to.

There will be days when you don’t think you can go on, and where you don’t want to be here anymore.

But still, you’ll press on … because the spirit within you is so strong.

During this process – of clearing, of shedding – roots will start to take place in the soil of your Self. New energetic roots, that are going to be the firm foundation of your new Self, and your new Life.

You won’t realise this is happening, because at this point, you’re still buried. Incubating. Waiting. Wondering … when will I see the light again?


And then … just when you honestly thought you Could. Not. Take. Another. Day …

A tiny green shoot will POP out the surface, into the light.

Divine rays of cosmic sunlight meet you, as you cautiously push through the surface of the dirt.

You have made it through


Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, you continue your journey …

Slowly – oh so slowly – your fresh Self grows. Tiny new shoots, slowly blossoming upwards and outwards, reaching forward, eager to see what awaits.

Restored. Refreshed. Revitalised.



This new version of You … she understands why she had to move through this process.

And now that she is blooming … she would never take any of it back.

No matter where you are in your journey, while you traverse your Dark Night of the Soul … hold on.

Because the moment you bloom, is a moment that will change you forever.

It is worth the wait ♥



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