You don’t need to (and cannot) control Divine Timing.

As much as we humans love to believe that we can control everything, there are some things we just don’t have much say in … and one of those things is TIMING.

When life isn’t flowing with the timing that we believe that it ‘should’ be flowing with, we often huff and puff, and we give up our faith that what we desire will come to be – at the precise and exact time that it is meant to come to be.

One of the most beautiful examples of surrendering to the innate order that underlies all of life, is present all around us – in nature.

My gardening adventures have taught me a lot about this.

When I planted the seeds that grew into the plants in the picture above, I didn’t place any ‘timeline’ on how fast they should grow.

They grew in their own time.
With their own inner wisdom guiding the process.
Coded with all the information they needed to become EXACTLY what they needed to become.
Tended to by the Divine.

Same goes for our lives and our dreams.

They all have timelines of their own, and we are not in control of this.

Divine Timing always reigns supreme. And when we try to FORCE the timing, it doesn’t feel right.

You never have to force what is naturally meant to be.

Setting goals is wonderful, but when we are too rigid and inflexible about ‘when’ they come into fruition, we ruin the magic.

Just because something you desire hasn’t happened YET, it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen.

Our job is simply to be clear on our HEART desires (not the desires that society or family or friends tell us we ‘should’ have), then take inspired action towards that, a little bit each day, leaving the rest to be tended to by the Greater Intelligence that governs ALL things.

What you desire will likely be delivered to you in a way you can’t imagine, probably not on your timeline.

And that is perfect.

Don’t kill your dreams and wishes and desires by squashing them with that pressure and doubt.

And always remember, what you seek at a heart level IS seeking you, too. It truly is.

What is desired and what fulfils that desire are destined to come together … when the time is right for all involved.

If you think this truth / lesson is easy for me, it isn’t. But as I watch the intelligent ways of nature, day in, day out, in my tiny little garden, I am reminded …

Everything in its own time. No force, no rush.

Trust the process of your life. It seriously has an innate intelligence of its own. It’s all on purpose. The timing … it has purpose. 

With love,


Beth x



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