Don’t betray your own soul.

How I stopped betraying my own soul. 

For most of my life, my entire existence was built around keeping people comfortable, by suppressing my own soul truth.

I was always known as ‘nice Beth’ … the peacekeeper and the harmoniser.

If you are also a People Pleasing Woman … you most likely can relate!

It was not until my late 20s and early 30s that I stepped into who I really am — and I actually have a lot of fire within me 🔥

One thing is for sure, I am not on this planet to people please at the expense of my own well-being, to stay silent about things that are unacceptable to me, or to keep others comfortable when I could actually be helping them to grow.

As I’ve stepped into more of *who I really am*, and as the last remnants of my people pleasing self exit my energy, it’s been … uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable to know with certainty, that many will not like you, and potentially even turn against you, when you step deeply into your soul truth and purpose.

But what’s even more uncomfortable … is slowly dying inside as you betray yourself — your soul — over and over again to keep other people at bay.

You showing up as you are, is exactly what’s needed of you in this life. Even if it ruffles feathers.

We all ruffle feathers and have our feathers ruffled by others. And in these experiences, we grow.

I trigger people (not on purpose) just by being who I am. And I’m ok with that now.

I act and speak from a place of honesty and integrity, always. In order to get to that place, I’ve had to really let go of what people think.

It doesn’t really matter what people think. It just matters … that I follow my soul.

Don’t betray your own soul, to keep the peace or to keep others comfy. You never know, having their feathers ruffled by YOU may be the exact thing that helps them grow into the next highest version of themselves.

We are all here to help each other evolve in this way 🙏🏻

Be YOU, because YOU (your spirit, your fire, your honesty) are needed.

If this resonates, in what ways may you be betraying your own soul? What authentic actions do you need to take, today, to come back into alignment with who you really are?

With love!


Beth x



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