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Stop Worrying, Start Trusting

Stop Worrying, Start Trusting was written for the worriers of the world. This book will help you remember that you are infinitely supported by a power that is much greater than you – the universe!

As soon as you lean in to true trust, magic will start to unfold in your life. The universe has your back, so you can stop worrying, and start trusting (and enjoy your precious life).

Stop Worrying, Start Trusting sells for $22 AUD.

Perfect for you if worry takes over your life and robs you of the present moment – which, in fact, is the ONLY moment that we ever have!

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Finding Grace In Darkness

Finding Grace In Darkness was written at a time in my life when I was very much on the journey of trying to find a little (or a lot!) of grace in a period of real darkness.

Finding Grace In Darkness sells for $22 AUD.

I am so proud to share this eBook with you!

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Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself was written to help you access your true, inner wisdom – the wisdom of your inner self, which is always trying to guide you, but often gets drowned out by the noise of the world!

Trust Yourself sells for $22 AUD.

I so hope that it helps you to trust your wise inner self, a little (or a lot!) more.

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The Slow Down Movement

The Slow Down Movement

The Slow Down Movement is an eBook I wrote to educate people about what stress is really doing to their bodies and their well-being, and to encourage people to choose a slower pace of life, and a more sustainable way of living.

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Thousands of women have downloaded this eBook, and countless have told me that it helped them to completely change the way they live, and the way they prioritise themselves.

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