Every little bit is adding up for you.

Every little bit is adding up for you.

Every time you look for an opportunity, rather than focussing on a problem.

Every time you do something that shifts your energy – even just a little bit – into a higher vibrational place.

Every time you eat green veggies, drink one less cup of coffee, drink one extra glass of water.

Every time you move your body for ten minutes.

Every time you take five deep breaths.

Every time you get to bed earlier.

Every time you stop before you react, and choose to respond with your inner wisdom, rather than your ego.

Every time you take an action step towards your dream, no matter how small.

Every time you encourage yourself, rather than berating yourself.

Every time you choose to keep going, when you want to quit.

Every time you decide not to take someone else’s words or actions personally.

Every time you make the choose to forgive.

Every time you let go of a grudge, and choose to be at peace instead.

Every time you lean into being brave, no matter how scared you are.

These steps might be small, but they are ALL adding up for you.

They are adding up to your healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life.

It doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Take one tiny step at a time.

Watch it all come together.

But just know … every time you choose better, every single time, it is adding up to something amazing for you.

How you act in the present moment, is determine how the next moment plays out. And the next. And the next.

Choose the highest possible choice that you can, in each moment. And see it all add up. 

Everything truly is adding up for you!

With love, 


Beth x



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