Welcome to EXPAND – a six-month, longer-term coaching container with me.

This experience will be a deep dive into all the parts of yourself and your life; a holistic examination of all the parts that make up the whole. For each woman, this looks a little (or a lot!) different, as we all have unique soul longings and desires; and unique aspects of ourselves that need more attention than others.

We will look at the layers of YOU – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We will look at the different aspects of your LIFE – relationships, abundance, purpose, wellbeing, family roots.

We will get clear on what you desire to call in – what your soul is truly calling you towards, as the highest and most fulfilling timeline for you to be walking.

We will uncover where you feel mis-aligned with your deepest soul truths.

We will examine and clear limited beliefs and viewpoints that you have about yourself and your life, and replace them with more expanded ones.

We will do the incredibly important work of clearing your energetic field of all of the conditioning that has been imprinted upon you by society, family, friends, teachers; and re-calibrating your energy to the true desires of your heart and soul (the reason why you are walking this planet right now).

Plus, whatever else arises for you.

This is a six-month journey of aligning with the depths of your soul, then turning that soul truth into the life that you live, every day. It is different for every woman, because every woman has a different journey that she is on!

EXPAND details:

In this program, we meet approximately fortnightly, for 13 x 75-minute Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions. This allows the program to unfold over six-months. For those who prefer more consolidated support, we can meet weekly over 3 months instead.

Committing in this way allows you to save 30% on the normal price of sessions. Each session is reduced to $115 AUD (normal price $165 AUD). Total investment $1500 AUD.

There is an optional add-on for those who desire a deeper level of contact – a private Facebook chat for the duration of our time together. In this chat you are welcome to reach out as often as you like, and I will respond with voice notes or written chat. This is a wonderful way to really gain momentum on your path, and to feel deeply held. This extra investment is an optional add-on of $500 AUD.

I designed this program for the woman truly desires to expand into her deepest truth, in every aspect of herself, and her life. 

The longer commitment affords you the opportunity to truly commit – to YOU. I am simply here to help facilitate your expansion. I will be beside you each step of the way!

Over the years I have been blessed to be be able to hold space for some truly incredible women who were ready to really dive deep – this is my absolute joy in life.

I promise to help you see your divinity, your potential, and the depths of your own soul. It is my intention that life will not be the same for you (in a good way!) after working with me.

You can join me from wherever you are in the world – I work with women globally. 

The investment for EXPAND is as follows:

One-time payment of $1500 AUD


One-time payment of $2000 AUD, with Facebook chat add-on.

If you require a payment plan, please ask.

If you’re interested in joining me to EXPAND, you can take one of two actions:

1. If you already know that you’re 100% committed and ready to join me for this process, please email me directly at to express your interest. I will email you back with some extra information and a few important questions, and we can move forward from there!

2. If you’re not quite sure yet, please begin our journey together by booking a single Spiritual Life Coaching Session by visiting this page. This will give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of the work I do, and we can start to unpack where you are headed, and what you need to do to get there. This will give you the clarity you need to make your decision. If you decide to go ahead with the program, you are welcome to put the price of this session towards the overall investment, and count this as one of your sessions.

I absolutely cannot wait to work with you!

With love, 


Beth x


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