The joy of releasing expectations.


I believe expectations just may be the ultimate bane of our existence.

Think about it. How many of your most distressing moments have arisen from your unmet expectations … of others, of yourself, of the universe.

As pleasure seeking humans, it is ingrained in us to expect that life and the people in it will deliver us what we want every time. This is highly unrealistic for two reasons:

  1. Life typically has vastly different plans for us than we have for ourselves (trust your life, it knows far better than you do!).
  2. People (that is, the people in your life), are living according to their highest values, not yours. They won’t necessarily act and do as you expect.

Expectations can be an abundant source of conflict in close or intimate relationships.

We feel entitled to receive so much from the ones we love, and instead of acknowledging and being grateful for all they do bring to our lives, we spend so much time noticing where they don’t deliver, what they ‘do wrong’.

When we let people exist as they wish, no expectations, we see them as they really are. When we no longer wish to change them and their actions, we can love them unconditionally.

This is the greatest gift you can give someone, and I believe the most profound lesson we are here on this earth to learn. We all want to be loved and appreciated for our authentic selves, no questions asked.

But a lot of what we call ‘love’ these days has a whole lot of conditions attached, without us even realising.

Despite what I write, I still experience the pain of expectation.

By default, I often expect people in my life to act a certain way and do certain things, I assume life is going to flow easily; and then I’m let down.

I’m coming to understand that the best I can do is to communicate what I need and desire, to my people and to the universe, from an honest and authentic space.

From here, the best outcomes are always reached (even if I can’t see it at the time, though I’m learning to look!).

And always remember, if you don’t ask, you most likely won’t receive.

Humans are not mind readers, and the universe only responds to clarity and certainty.

Set yourself and others free from this pressure by being clear and honest, then being grateful for whatever unfolds, as it is.

Release your expectations of life, and allow things to manifest in the way that most serves your growth.

Perfection underlies all events; it is our choice whether or not we acknowledge this.

All love –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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