If you’re feeling tired and uninspired.

Beth Bridges

Today (the 8th January) is a day that many people go back to work after the New Year break. 

Many people feel deflated after their holidays; perhaps they haven’t entered 2018 feeling quite as vibrant as they wished, perhaps they don’t feel particularly jazzed about going back to work, or perhaps they just feel a bit lost – with a New Year ahead of them, and not much idea about how to make it any different from the last one.

I find that because of the absolute craziness of December (and the festive season), many people enter the New Year feeling tired and uninspired. 

If this is you … I just wanted to remind you of a couple of things: 

// Pressure is self-imposed.

The pressure of the New Year (that idea that we should somehow become ‘better’ or ‘different’ just because it’s 2018 now) is not something you have to buy into. You were fabulous in 2017, you’re still fabulous now that it’s 2018. Sure, it’s wise to consider which direction you would like your year to go in, and consciously direct that. But the idea that you are somehow ‘flawed’ and need to be ‘improved’ just because it’s 2018? Not true.

// All of your feelings / emotions / physical symptoms are just messengers.

If you are feeling tired, or uninspired (or unwell, or like your hormones are ruling your life, or whatever else)? Well, this is simply an invitation to look at your life and yourself, and ask:

  • What do my body/mind/soul need?
  • What needs to change in my life so that I can create this?
  • How would I prefer to feel, and what do I need to do to get myself into that space?

// A lack of inspiration is a sure sign that our soul isn’t fulfilled.

Rather than beating yourself up about the fact that you maybe didn’t feel super excited about this new year … explore that feeling. What WOULD make you feel excited about 2018? What are you not giving yourself permission to do / be / have / become?

Often, we humans give up on getting what we desire *just* before it manifests in our life. Deep down, we often don’t feel worthy of our deepest desires becoming a reality for us. But if you can stay deeply committed to the pursuit of your own soul fulfilment – this will transform your entire life.

I don’t set any ‘resolutions’ for the New Year (ever).

I find that resolutions are often rooted in lack and a feeling of being not ‘good enough’.

I do, however, like to set an intention for my year.

For the past few years, my intention was simply, ‘be brave’. I promised myself that I would always choose the bravest option, even when I felt scared / crazy / like I was going to fail.

Well, being brave has served me well, and now that it’s become my default way of living? I’ve set another intention, to carry forth with me into this year (and beyond).

My intention for 2018 is to be 100% dedicated to my own Soul (aka, my Spirit, my Soul, my Authentic Self, my Truth).

This year, I am going to consistently filter my choices and decisions through my own inner wisdom and guidance – tuning out from what the world wants me to do, and listening to that part of me that always knows what’s best for ME.

This is going to involve getting even better at saying ‘no’ than I already am, being ok with letting people down sometimes, and accepting that I simply cannot be liked by everyone. Hard, but oh-so-necessary in order to live a life that is guided by your own truth, rather than the expectations of everybody else.

What is your intention for yourself this year? 

I encourage you to take some time out in stillness, tune in, dig deep, and allow yourself to reach higher than you ever have before – for the sake of your own soul fulfilment.

Above all, remember this: 

You are an amazing person, right now, as you are. Your inner self knows the way. Your soul always wants to guide you (but you have to trust it).

All love –


Beth x


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