Finding your own middle road to wellness and fulfilment.

Finding your own middle road to wellness and fulfilment

When it comes to your health and your life, do you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of noise?

I used to. Everywhere I looked, I had a barrage of conflicting information being thrown at me, by every second person who claimed that they had ‘the answer’, ‘the path’, ‘the way’, ‘the pill’, ‘the diet’, ‘the truth’, ‘the secret’.

In modern life, in the media, we are being truly bombarded from every angle – and rather than giving us clarity, all of this can make us feel suffocated and confused, unable to hear the whispers of our own body, mind and soul.

We can feel indecisive, stuck, and stagnant – unsure what direction to take in any area of life.

But rather than continuing to look outside ourselves for ‘answers’, it’s time to start looking within.

Because deep down, we have an innate guidance that is always trying to steer us back onto the right track.  It communicates to us with intuition, and with physical signs and symptoms.

But you see, your true self, your inner guide, the part of you that is truly wise – it doesn’t scream or yell.

It’s always there, waiting for you to tune in. It beckons you with small nudges, inviting you to take heed of the infinite wisdom that’s available when we slow down and create space for our spirit to talk.

When we ignore it, we can feel lost, anxious, sad, depressed, lonely, misunderstood.

When we ignore it, we can start to bend to the needs of everybody else, over-extending ourselves time and time again, looking for approval and acceptance, burning out and landing ourselves in hormonal misery.

When we ignore it, we continuously look outside ourselves for answers, believing that someone else must surely know what we need.

When we ignore it, we can start to feel as though nothing will ever change for us.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel all of the above.

I used to feel like a complete victim of my own life.

I used to feel deep unexplainable sadness, day after day – for years (even though everyone around me thought I was doing pretty fine).

I used to think, ‘is this really it’????

But deep down, I knew that it wasn’t. It couldn’t be. Life HAD to be more meaningful than this, more fulfilling. There had to be a better way!

I was determined to figure it out.

It wasn’t until, one day through a series of divinely timed meetings and events, I ended up in front of several great teachers and mentors – people who taught me that I would only experience fulfilment when I listened to the truth of my own soul (and acted on it).

I am so deeply grateful for the presence of such people in my life. People who empowered me (rather than trying to get me to believe that theyhad the answers I was looking for).

Little by little, I started to act on my intuitive nudges.

I ended a relationship.
I left a job.
I let go of some friendships that were dominating me.
I became a naturopath.
I healed my hormones and anxiety.
I studied coaching and personal development.
I moved states (twice).
I started a business.
I started a blog.
And so on …

I have had many teachers help me along the way. Every single one has reiterated: listen to your soul, listen to your soul, listen to your soul …

By listening to my soul, and to the wisdom of my physical signs and symptoms, I have been able to achieve great wellness, and a truly fulfilling life. And the great thing is – I’m just getting started!

I want this for you, too.

Lovely lady, you are worth MORE than burnout, exhaustion, sadness and anxiety.

You are worth MORE than working a job you hate, bending over backwards to please everybody except yourself, and staying trapped in a life that feels smaller than what you KNOW you are capable of. You are truly worth MORE than misery, addictions, cycles of restriction and deprivation, beating yourself up, and constantly comparing yourself to others.

If you could cultivate the courage and bravery to listen to your inner wisdom, and take action on what it tells you … you could also create the health and life that you truly dream of.

So please, amazing woman: listen to your soul. And be brave enough to act upon what you hear.

Love –


Beth x



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