My life changed when I was forced to slow down – and I’ll never go back.

The Slow Down Movement

In 2014, when I was in my last year of studying to become a naturopath, I was sick 8 months in a row with the same glandular virus – from January through August.

Every four weeks, I’d get it again. It would knock me around for about a week at a time.

In that year, I was overloading online theory units, working 30-40 hours / week as a nanny to support myself, and doing student clinic on the weekends.

I also moved house about 3 times that year …

Each time I got sick, I felt like I couldn’t rest. There were things going on. I dosed myself up on nurofen to fly across the country for a birthday party, to go to a beautiful countryside wedding, to take exams, and to simply keep working to earn money.

I knew I was ignoring my body, and I certainly knew that nurofen wasn’t the answer, but I simply felt like I didn’t have a choice.

I felt as though I couldn’t slow down.

Life doesn’t stop for any of us … but if WE don’t stop when we really need to, then we eventually learn our lessons.

By the time I graduated, I was (gratefully) well again – albeit exhausted.

I vowed that I would never keep pushing through my bodies symptoms like that again. Ignoring my inner wisdom and guidance. It was possibly the greatest lesson I could have ever asked for, just before I entered the ‘real world’, and started to work with naturopathy + coaching clients.

After this experience, it’s no surprise to me that I have ended up working exclusively with women – nearly ALL of whom report to me that they feel like they are struggling under the amount they have on their plate. That they feel overwhelmed, burnt out, exhausted. Just like I did that year.

The universe keeps delivering me different versions of what I used to be.

And as I work with these amazing women, I am constantly reminding myself that I, too, must practice what I preach.

(We teach what we need to learn, always. Whatever you preach to others, you’re reminding yourself of, too).

As I’ve set up and grown my business, the utter NEED to slow down, has been an ever present lesson for me. I simply cannot – will not! – do this work with other women, if I’m not leading by example. Integrity is everything to me.

And so, ‘The Slow Down Movement’ was born.

It started off as a seed of an idea, inspired by my own experience, and lots of other amazing people who preach similar messages in their own inspiring way – people who have taught ME.

It developed into an eBook, which you can grab for FREE, just HERE.

It’s not easy to slow down.

In our society of instant gratification, where there is a pill to make almost anything feel better, where we throw back stimulants to help us make it through our busy lives – it feels counter intuitive to decide to craft a LESS busy life.

We fear that if we do less, and take more time for ourselves, we’ll miss out on opportunities (FOMO!!). 

Our fear of missing out leads us to commit to far more than we can handle.

Our disconnection from our authentic selves means we’re unable to discern what is TRULY important to us, and base our choices and commitments upon that truth.

Our health is suffering more than ever, and for the most part, many consider this an inconvenience. When really, our symptoms are simply communicating to us that something needs to change.

In the pursuit of ‘things’, we have lost meaning in our lives … and then we wonder why we don’t feel content.

Before I started doing less, and truly slowing down, I tried everything under the sun to help heal my exhaustion + adrenal fatigue + hormonal imbalances.

And while all the nutrition, herbal medicine, and other ‘external’ things I was doing to help myself get better were great – there was something major missing.

When I went on a rampage to simplify my life, I felt drastically better.

I dipped in and out of this way of living for some time – flicking between wellness and exhaustion – until I realised that I no longer wanted to sacrifice my wellbeing, for the sake up keeping up with society. I decided, I would rather have less, or have what I wanted in a slower and more sustainable way, than live with exhaustion.

Slow and steady really does win the race.

Instant gratification comes with a big price – a price that I am personally no longer willing to pay.

Perhaps you resonate with this, and the idea of slowing down is one that makes you weak in the knees with relief.

You’re not alone. I believe that on some level, most of us are craving – needing – a slower pace of life. Even if it is just for a little while. To rest, restore and recuperate.

Every part of life + nature operates on the law of activity and rest.

Too much activity coupled with too little rest, can ultimately only lead to imbalance – in our body, mind and spirit. 

And so, I’d love to invite you to join me in The Slow Down Movement.

To me, this movement encompasses presence, mindfulness, great health and wellness, balanced hormones, contentment, adequate rest, authenticity, honouring our (very valid) needs and desires, and MORE. 

To receive your free copy of my eBook, The Slow Down Movement, come on over.

I’d love for you to join in what I feel is a MUCH needed movement + revolution.

Big love to you –


Beth x


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