Is the CRAZY busyness of modern life getting you down?

Find out how I overcame:

> deep-seated adrenal fatigue

> chronic PMS + period pain

> and debilitating anxiety,

… all by slowing down, tuning OUT from the world, and tuning IN to myself.

At 23, I was a complete hormonal mess.

8 years on, I’m completely free of my ‘hormonal hell’, and spending my life helping other women banish burnout, and reclaim their hormones, their vitality, and their sanity!

The Slow Down Movement is 111 pages, of ALL my advice around:

♥ slowing down

♥ reclaiming your time (and your life!)

♥ banishing burnout

♥ hormones

♥ healing your adrenals

♥ balancing your nervous system


♥ the Pill

♥ wellness

♥ women’s health

♥ learning to say ‘no’

♥ nutrition + herbs

♥ becoming your own guru

♥ making YOUR desires a priority

♥ living a brave and authentic life

♥ upping your self-care

♥ and, more!

I loved writing it, and I hope you love reading it.

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Beth Bridges

As a Naturopath and Women’s Life Coach, I’m SUPER inspired about helping women to overcome stress, burnout, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal imbalances – and to create lives that they LOVE.

I’m a firm believer in ‘learning the art of saying no’ and setting beautiful (but firm) boundaries, in order to live the life that YOU would love to live, in a body that’s brimming with vitality.

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With LOVE,


Beth x


Beth Bridges
Naturopath | Women’s Life Coach
Melbourne, AUS | Skype

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