A guide to banishing burnout.

A guide to Banishing Burnout

There are not very many things that I absolutely believe – but THIS is definitely one of them:

Life is not supposed to be utterly exhausting.

Overwhelm, burnout, adrenal fatigue, and chronic hormonal imbalances aren’t ‘normal’, and nor should you have to live your life as though they are.

Burnout is a sign that something needs to change. A sign that our reserves have been deeply depleted, for too long.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ for this scenario. Burnout is different to tiredness. It’s a deep-seated state that our bodies enter, when we have nothing left to give. And at this point? We have no choice, but to listen.

Addressing burnout, requires addressing this question:

Why do we allow ourselves to keep pushing through, when we know we desperately need to stop?

Burnout is generally a result of your body reacting to too much stress, over too many weeks / months / years.

The symptoms of burnout – exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, hormonal disharmony – are ALL typically a result of our precious adrenal glands having been worked too hard, for a period that is much longer than they can be expected to cope with.

Your adrenal glands are a pair of walnut-sized glands that sit above your kidneys, and their health and function largely determines how you feel in your body, and about your life, every single day. They secrete the stress hormones, that are produced in response to how STRESSED you are.

Stress – mental, physical and emotional stress – is the single biggest factor in creating burnout, because it often leads to a condition known as adrenal fatigue.

When clients come to me saying that they feel burnt out, and that they’re experiencing bad PMS and period pain, I always look straight to the adrenals, and work on restoring function and balance to this extremely important and powerful pair of glands.

In modern society, it’s actually a big challenge to avoid stress, pressure, and the constant rushing that we put ourselves through. But, it CAN be done. I am living proof of this – having healed my own chronic case of adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Are you:

  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Waking up feeling unrefreshed?
  • Experiencing bad PMS?
  • Experiencing period pain, or other period troubles?
  • Experiencing bad menopausal symptoms?
  • Experiencing anxiety and / or panic attacks?
  • Feeling completely overwhelmed?
  • Feeling / acting overly emotional, for no apparent reason?
  • Feeling unsupported, by people, and / or life?
  • Feeling agitated and irritable, all the time?
  • Feeling like you never have a minute to yourself?
  • Lacking time to rest / do things that nourish you?
  • Spending your entire life sorting everyone else out, but never yourself?
  • Experiencing jaw and / or neck + shoulder tension?
  • Always worrying about the future?
  • Feeling exhausted and fatigued, constantly?
  • Feeling frustrated at yourself, and your body, for experiencing any of the above?

If so, then your adrenals may be under excessive stress.

Things I know for sure about Banishing Burnout …

// When the pain of being completely burnt out overcomes the pain of having to make change, you will (finally) make change.

// You must become radically honest with yourself about what you’re doing out of LOVE in your life, and what you’re simply doing out of obligation / duty.

// You must completely overcome your fear of what people think of you, in order to allow yourself to change.

// You will have to learn how to say ‘No’. Over and over and over again. And … it will be very hard. It will make you cringe inside. (It will also be very, very worth it, once you have mastered this fine skill).

// You will have to develop such a strong sense of self-worth, that no one (no one!) has any chance of swaying you from this deep understanding: you are worthy of your own time, love, resources, and attention.

// You will have to first uncover, then overcome, many unconscious beliefs, that are holding you back from having the life and health that you truly desire.

// You will have to let go of doing certain things for other people, and learn to delegate. This will be challenging, especially for perfectionists.

// There is no amount of anything that you can put in from the outside, that can take the place of quality rest, and sleep.

// You may, at first, find it very hard to create stillness in your life – because in this space, you are forced to listen.

// Your female hormones, and / or adrenal fatigue, will ONLY heal and balance, when you give yourself permission to not be burnt out anymore. Only you can do this.

// You are in control of YOU, therefore – you cannot blame your burnout on anyone else.

It is time for a revolution, in the way women prioritise their own self-care.

If you KNOW you’re ready to make change? Come and find out how you can work with me.

I’d love to help you banish your burnout, overcome your overwhelm, and reclaim your vitality.

Love to you –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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