Healing from heartbreak.


I’ve been a single lady for over 18 months now! Which is not a long time … but it’s sure been an interesting time!

(I wrote THIS blog post about my break-up).

Time being single / on my own / not in a relationship generally goes like this for me:


Up to six months – VERY FRAGILE

Up to a year – STILL FRAGILE (but a bit less, and also tricking myself into thinking I’m ready to be in another relationship – because I am seriously not)

One year point – CELEBRATING (I survived!😅)

Around 14 months – READY TO OPEN MY HEART AGAIN ♥️

Around 18 months – SERIOUSLY EXCITED TO MEET HIM 👫 And, learning patience.

Being single / in between relationships can be excruciating, but it’s also a deeply precious opportunity to connect with yourself on the DEEPEST level. It comes with the most intense ups and downs. And the GREATEST lesson in all of it, is to stop looking outside of yourself.

In this time, I’ve looked outside of myself a lot. It’s that desire to be ‘completed’ from outside of ourselves. We all do it somehow.

I have searched for support, love, and safety from outside of me. Wishing it would come in the form of a man. And whenever this happens, I have to come back to the deep remembrance that I AM WHOLE. And that I receive support, love and safety from THE UNIVERSE / GOD – every single day.

And when my next relationship comes along? That’s just another expression of that support, love and safety – from God. From Life. From this Universe.

It’s not the man you’re looking for. It’s God.

The man will come, but it’s just another expression of this. You know?

Everything good that comes to you, is Life. It’s the Universe delivering you amazingness.

YOU are infinitely loved, and supported, and safe. You don’t need the ‘person’ or whatever else you’re looking for, to ‘prove’ this to you. You already have what you seek.

And when you realise this, those extras (the man, the money, or whatever else), follow in with more ease … because you’re not desperate for them anymore.

You are already whole.

Remember that.

And thank God, Life, this Universe … every day. For your wholeness. ♥️

With love – 


Beth x



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