Healing your relationship with trust.

Why is it so hard to trust?

This is something I’ve explored DEEPLY within my own self, and with many coaching clients that I’ve worked with. 

I’m willing to make a sweeping generalisation and say that most human beings have trouble trusting – in life, in Source, in the wisdom of the process – and, in fact, many of us actually experience a chronic distrust.

Such distrust is what leads us to try and force, fix, control and manipulate life – because we don’t trust the organic unfolding of our experience.

We think that we have to be ‘on top of everything’, and that if we let go to any degree, everything will fall apart. (Side note: oftentimes, things actually need to fall apart in order for what’s meant to happen in our lives to be given room to move).

So, how can we heal our relationship with trust?

Trust requires faith. Faith in something Divine, something greater than us. Faith in cosmic intelligence.

I truly believe that learning to TRUST – that you are supported, that there is a unique plan for your life that is unfolding in perfect and divine timing – has everything to do with deeply comprehending that you are NOT doing this alone.

This requires a faith … in the Divine Intelligence that governs ALL things – whether you want to call that God, Source, Creator, or whatever else.

Faith is hard for humans, because we want guarantees.

We want to see how everything is going to unfold … before it unfolds. Absolutely impossible.

How truly EXHAUSTING to think that your mere human self is carrying everything on your own.

How tiring and draining to think and believe that it is all on you.

>> It isn’t. <<

You are literally supported by the same power that created you in the first place.

Everything that happens for you … it happens by the good grace of life.

You don’t have to rely solely on yourself to ‘make it happen’.

You have something so much greater than you … supporting you. Every step of the way.

This was PIVOTAL for me to truly and deeply ‘get’ on my own personal journey.

In early 2019 when my life had just fallen apart, my relationship to trust was truly broken. Shattered. And I had to rebuild from the bottom.

If you can relate … what this is actually about is healing your relationship with God / whatever you believe in.

Because if you think you’re in this alone, it will be impossible to trust.

And it will be impossible to EVER relax, surrender and let go.

True trust means that you hand over the reigns of control. You do what you’re called to do, then you hand over the rest.

Most of us say that we trust, that everything happens ‘for a reason’. But do you really, honestly believe that? Do you really trust?

I often invite people to do what I like to call, ‘The Faith Experiment’.

I invite them to, just for a week, live in full faith … trusting that life is truly unfolding as it should. And as they loosen the reigns of control, and stop trying to micro-manage every little thing … these people are often pleasantly surprised at how life, to a large degree, takes care of itself.

The Faith Experiment. Try it!

We are in a constant dance with life. Life meets us in the middle, always. We are not alone. 

Next time you feel overwhelmed, or as though you’re trying to control every little thing, take a step back. Comprehend the fact that you have always been taken care of … somehow.

It’s safe to let go a little.



Beth x



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