On the daily, I observe women putting up with the effects of excess stress, multiple hormonal imbalance, poor oestrogen / hormone detoxification, low progesterone, and a completely wired nervous system.

This has become ‘normal’ for modern women. And I desire to change that. Because it is so NOT normal. Our bodies are designed to THRIVE!

Can you relate to the following?

  • Tired but wired
  • Unrefreshing sleep (or, insomnia)
  • Consistently burnt out
  • Poor energy
  • Relying on caffeine and / or alcohol to relieve stress and get you through
  • Relying on sugar for your energy ‘hit’
  • Snappy, irritable, overwhelmed
  • PMS, period pain, menopausal discomfort (or other hormonal issues)
  • Anxiety
  • Mood imbalances
  • Digestive troubles

>>> If so, I invite you to join me for a Hormone + Stress Reset.

This program is an opportunity to learn how to deeply calm down your nervous system, balance out your production of stress hormones, kickstart your liver and digestive function, and support your female reproductive hormones (even if you’re post-menopausal).

I will closely guide you through this experience of focussing purely on YOU. Your health, your hormones, your nervous system, your vitality, your needs, your desires.

This RESET is your chance to (finally) address the ailments which I know have probably been troubling you for oh-so-long — with my knowledge and expertise in this area to support you.

It is a chance to detoxify and RESET!


// You can take part from ANYWHERE in the world.

// This was designed as a 2-week program, where I guide you in gently detoxifying, re-establishing a healthy nervous system response (aka, getting out of constant fight/flight mode), and supporting hormonal balance. However, you can move through this content in your own time, and come back to it whenever you wish. It contains all of the information which I find to be very important for modern women living busy, stressful lives.

// Upon applying the principles in this program, you have the opportunity to feel clean, clear, and refreshed, as well as overcome some bad habits that you may have fallen into. It’s time to take back your vitality!

// The pre-work is going to prepare you for this two weeks of RESET. I’m going to give you important information about the upcoming process, so you can start to get yourself ready – information about caffeine and alcohol consumption, nutrition, supplementation, what to expect, and how to best prepare yourself to RESET.

// This is NOT a ‘hardcore detox’, or something that is going to cost you a lot of time, money, or even effort. Everything I share with you is absolutely doable, affordable, and achievable. All you need to do is show up for yourself and be willing to fully participate!

// Each of these 14 modules contain around 15-35 minutes of video content, written material, and in some cases, meditations. Each day / module is different, and will supply you with a MYRIAD of tools for addressing stress, looking after you nervous system and hormones, and so much more. This is an extensive education where I am imparting all of my knowledge around these topics – to help YOU thrive!

The topics for the 14 days are:

  1. The breath: the greatest tool for your vitality (introducing breath techniques for you to use for this two weeks and beyond).
  2. Getting to the root cause of your stress, and deciding what needs to change.
  3. What WORRY does to your nervous system and hormones, and ways to get out of the worry cycle.
  4. Alcohol and caffeine: an education.
  5. Oestrogen metabolism and liver support.
  6. Progesterone production and stress.
  7. Supplements for supporting female health.
  8. Nutrition for supporting female health.
  9. Developing your trust as a way of greatly reducing stress (the spiritual side!).
  10. Cultivating courage to make change.
  11. Women and boundaries.
  12. Masculine and feminine energies.
  13. Allowing yourself to be supported – by yourself, by life, and by others.
  14. Moving forward (beyond this program) for long-term change.

// Although this is a designed to be a 2-week program, you have ongoing / lifetime access to the 14 modules and can revisit them whenever you desire. You can re-do this reset whenever you feel that you need to! It’s yours to keep forever. Do NOT be stressed about whether you will have ‘time’ to complete it. Follow the guidelines from the pre-work, and then enjoy the modules in the timeline that best suits you.

Your Investment

Hormone + Stress reset retails for $199 AUD, but is currently on sale for HALF PRICE, before I take it off retail sale on Monday the 5th October.

My guarantee is that you will learn SO much. You will be the owner of a wealth of valuable tools, education, knowledge and wisdom – that you can come back to, time and time again.

And if you are willing to commit to this two weeks or detoxifying and resetting, exploring WHY you are stressed, and committing to making change, you WILL create positive change within your health and your life.

How is this different to my other eCourses?

Stress + Hormone Reset is not like any other eCourse I have created. It is designed to be a LIVE reset; in other words, we all clean, detoxify, and reset ourselves together. Hold yourself accountable for this two weeks. It is such a short period of time, that could yield some wonderful results in your health and your life.

This program is completely unique and original. Even if you have taken my other courses, you will benefit greatly from this. In fact, this is building on beautifully from the education and knowledge within my other creations.



How do I know if I want to join this eCourse?

You already know! Because your intuition will tell you. If it’s in your heart to join, take a chance on yourself. When we invest in ourselves, when we VALUE ourselves, we show life that we know we are deserving of more. Of feeling better.

Is this course suitable for all women, even if I know nothing about hormones?

Yes! Of course. I share the content in a way that makes sense to someone who has never even heard of them before. It is also relevant to women at any age and stage of life.

How long do I need to set aside to work through the content?

Provided you prepare yourself for this reset by following the pre-work, you’ll be set. The daily content over the two weeks will take around 30 minutes / day to move through – but you have ongoing access and can revisit the content whenever you wish, even beyond this two weeks together.

Do I have lifetime access?

Yes! Once you sign up for this eCourse, you have lifetime access to it.

Do you offer personalised email support throughout the course?

I do not offer personalised email support throughout the course, but I do provide a Facebook group for participant support, to support you on your journey!

How do I pay?

Payments are made via PayPal.

Is my payment refundable?

Payments are non-refundable.

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