Your hormones are your guide.

Your hormones are your guide

Hormonal imbalances are reflective of SO much more than just our physical health – they often reflect things about our lives that desperately need to change. 

They shine light on what isn’t working, where we need to draw stronger boundaries, and dramatically raise our own self-care. 

So often, we just ignore our hormones, and brush off any hormonal symptoms so that we can get on with the day. Or the month, or the year.

BUT, our hormones are our guide.

Quite the contrary to us just making us ’emotional women’, our hormones are actually showing us what needs to change in our lives.

Hormonal imbalances don’t just happen randomly. They happen for a reason, and if you can figure out what that reason is, you can drastically change the quality of your health and your life.

For me, I know that my adrenal fatigue and terrible PMS many years ago, were showing me that I desperately needed to live a little (or a lot) differently. It took me awhile to make the necessary changes, but now I’m here, I’ll never go back. EVERYTHING is different.

And when my hormonal symptoms do pop up, from time to time? I know I’ve deviated away from what is best for me, what is true for me, and what I need to do to be healthy, vibrant, and well.

I fall off the bandwagon, and I just have to get up and get right back on.

SO – if you feel that your hormones can be a hindrance, I invite you to look at this differently.

Perhaps they are one of your greatest teachers.

Here are some things that come up time and time again for me as a Naturopath + Coach, when it comes to women and hormones:

  • Doing WAY too much
  • Overcommitting oneself (even when we know we have a lot on our plate)
  • Inability to say no
  • Lack of rest
  • Not allowing oneself to enjoy life + have fun
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Lack of self-love + self-care
  • Constant and unrelenting stress

Can you relate to any of these factors in your own life? 

What can you do to start making change, today?

Massive love,


Beth x


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