Is ‘having it all’ coming at a cost?

Is having it all coming at a cost

Do you always feel like you have too many ‘things’ on the go, too many places to be, and too many responsibilities and commitments to fulfil (many of them not even essential)?

Do you often feel resentment at the amount of things on your ‘life plate’?

If so, I invite you to consider this:

Is trying to ‘have it all’ coming at a cost to your health, your vitality, and your soul fulfillment?

‘Having it all’ means different things to different people, but in modern day society, we are often in a rush to achieve the perfect home/ career / partner/ family / social life / wardrobe / etc etc etc. Often subconsciously. Without even deciding if all of this deeply resonates for us … or not.

It’s great to want it all, if that resonates … but when it’s coming at a big cost to our experience of this beautiful life, should we be tuning out from the expectations of modern life, and back in to our inner wisdom?

The problem, I believe, with women being taught in recent times (after generations of oppression) that ‘we can do absolutely everything’ … is that now we are trying to do TOO much. Well, too much at once.

We are trying to do everything, all at the same time … and it’s kind of not sustainable.

It’s not sustainable for our nervous systems, our adrenals, our hormones.

YES, I believe women (and men) can do anything. I believe we can achieve whatever we set our minds to.

But, in the pursuit of proving just how much we can do and have (the perfect job, home, family, closet, social life, body, etc etc etc etc etc), we have kind of forgotten about ourselves. Our souls. Our inner guidance.

‘Having it all’ is coming at a cost. 

We have forgotten how to just BE.
How to connect in to our spirituality.
How to feel at peace (no matter what chaos abounds around us). How to just enjoy this beautiful life, without all the stress.

We have forgotten to actually listen to our bodies and their wise messages.

We have dulled the cries of our symptoms with pharmaceuticals and sugar and whatever else, without looking for a deeper reason.

Yes, I believe that the pursuit of ‘having it all’ has cost many of us the MOST important things …

… our wellness, and our sense of connection to our very precious Self.

I am SO into empowerment for women. And creating a life that feels inspiring. 

But I’m not into comparison to other women’s lives – because ALL of us have a different soul journey that we’re fulfilling.

Nor am I into the pursuit of never ending things and achievements, and pleasing everyone just to keep up appearances, at the cost of my own well-being.

Sure, women can do anything, but trying to do it ALL at once, is costing us our hormonal health, our sleep, our sanity, our soul fulfilment.

When we really get honest about what is truly important … a lot of the stuff that keeps us on the hamster wheel could probably fall away. 

Leaving us to greater peace, stillness, and wellbeing.

If this resonates, I invite you to consider where you could pull back. Create space (and then, not fill it, and give yourself that space to just be!!).

I invite you to consider where your body may be speaking to you, with its ever-wise symptoms.

Or where your soul may be speaking to you with its constants hunches and nudges.

And then … listen. Listen, and take action (or, take less action!). 

Please remember …

You are an amazing human, and there are solutions to whatever you may be going through. Hang in there!

With love –


Beth x



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