Remember – it’s not forever.

It's not forever

Amazing Human,

Sometimes, when we are going through a VERY hard time, we can forget this ultimate truth:

Nothing is forever. 

Nothing (nothing) that we experience on this physical plane, in our life in a human body … lasts forever.

It is ALL transient.

Even our very own life, is transient.

I know it can feel like a scary thing to think about. But really, to me, it puts it ALL in perspective.

When we remind ourselves that, actually, we won’t be here one day, we can lean in to whatever is going on for us, because we know it is only temporary.

Heartbreak? Temporary.

Illness? Temporary. 

Being broke? Temporary. 

(*Insert Whatever Else*)? Temporary. 

We ALL have to move through painful experiences in our particular incarnations on this earth, in our lives. All of us.

It may seem that some get an easier ride than others, but really, it’s useless to compare that. We all have a different soul journey to play out, while we are here. Each of us is unique, with different lessons that we need to experience.

And when we start to understand this, we can surrender to it all moving through us, through our life experience, because we know it is only temporary. 

And then, we may even start to feel grateful for the extremely hard times.

Especially when we realise that they GREW us, in ways we didn’t even realise we needed to grow.

I know, your human self probably wouldn’t have consciously chosen many of the painful experiences you may have had.

I know it can be so, so hard.

I know it feels unfair.

But when all we can think about is how life is ‘unfair’ … then we end up feeling victimised, instead of empowered. That is a choice.

Honour what YOUR life is giving you. Make change where you can. Seek healing where it is needed.

But most of all: have faith in the journey, in the higher plan.

Everything shifts eventually, in one way or another.

We can find a sense of grace in life, when we can accept what is.

And from that space of grace, it is MUCH easier to access divine solutions, to problem solve, to make change, to move forward.


Surrender allows divine solutions and intuitive insights to flow.

Resistance truly blocks our intuition.

I made you a free gift!

A Guided Meditation For Calling In Cosmic Support. 

Sometimes, when we feel very alone, we can question whether there really is some greater cosmic force looking after us, and guiding it all (God / Angels / Spirit Guides / The Universe / Whatever You Believe In).

I made you a guided meditation, for times when you feel alone, to help you re-connect to that higher power, and trust that, actually, you are being looked after. That it’s all unfolding as it should.

I hope you love it!

Click the links below, to instantly listen in your browser, or download to your computer (where you can play through iTunes).


Listen in Browser    Download Meditation


It is infused with my love + support!

Let it sink in:

Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Remember this, and celebrate it all.

Love –


Beth x


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