Love yourself where you are at.

Love yourself where you are at

Love yourself where you are at.

Just do it.

Whether you are ‘happy’ with yourself or not …. with your body, with your emotions, with your life path, with your finances, with your career, with whatever … just freaking LOVE yourself where you are at!

Do you think you are going to make any sort of positive forward movement or change, if you are constantly berating yourself, and the way that your life is presenting in this moment?? No way.

You might still make the change, BUT, it will be fuelled by lack, insecurity and judgement.

And it will never be enough.

It will just be a cycle of never feeling enough, no matter what you do.

Make your changes from a place of LOVE, not lack.

Until you can do that, practice the process of being with YOU – every part of you, as you are – right here, in this moment.

Through surrender and acceptance, we learn to love every part of our Self.
This is all your body, mind and soul have ever been asking of you.

And let me tell you: 

If you saw yourself through the eyes of whatever created you, you would never doubt yourself ever again.

You weren’t created flawed … as something to be ‘improved’.
There are no flaws.
The imperfections you perceive in yourself, are pure perfections to someone else.

You can be absolutely sure that while you berate yourself (for whatever reason), there is someone out there wishing for a piece of what you’ve got.

You are part of nature.

Nothing else in nature (besides humans!) constantly beats itself up, and wishes it were different. Nature just … blooms. Into nothing other than itself. It’s own, unique, self.

Can you allow yourself to do the same?

The world of ‘self-help’ and ‘self-improvement’ and ‘bettering oneself’ can be beautiful.

But it can also be a dangerous trap, when it makes us feel like we are not enough exactly the way that we are, right now, in this moment.

The truth is, you can never ‘better’ yourself.

You can change and grow and transform.
But each new ‘version’ of you is not any better than the last. It is just different.
Every version counts.
Every change is welcome.
Every ‘new’ version of you simply reflects your changing values and beliefs and actions.
And every ‘past’ version of you is, was and always will be … perfect!

Trust that who you are is magnificent, because it really, really, is the truth.

My wish for you, is that you one day realise that, and live your life in a way that reflects this knowledge.

All love –


Beth x


Naturopath / Women’s Life Coach // Melbourne, Australia / Skype /


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